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[We have had, for a short time, the loan of the original volume of 
Church Records, in the hand-writing-s of Revds. Peter Thacher, John 
Tajlor, Nathaniel Robbins. On a blank page. Rev. Joseph McKean, 
the successor of the Rev. Mr. Robbins, makes the following state- 
ment : — 

" Fragment of Ch: Records. — Handed to me \loo8e\ by Edwai'd H. 
Robbins, Escf., September 3, 1798, which he said were all that could 
be found among his late Rev*^ Father's j^apers. I afterwards went, 
with my friend Nathaniel J. Robbins, and looked in a trunk of his 
father's ; but obtained no additions to this collection. 

Milton, September 25, 1798. Joseph McKean." 

See the article — Funeral Sermons on Milton Ministers, Megister, 
Vol. XX. pp. 315—318. 

The present number of the Register contains all the admissions to 
the Church (251), given in this volume, during the pastorate of Mr. 
Thacher. " The Rev*^ M"'. Peter Thacher (after above 46. years emi- 
nent Service in the Ministerial office in the Town of Milton) died on 
ye 27"! of DeC^, 1727. Blessed are the dead y- die in the Lord," T.] 

The Covenant Entred into by y" Brethren of Milton w° y^'^ Chh. was 
gathered, April 24, 1678. Dorchester. 

We ivhose names are subscribed, being called of God to Joine ourselves 
together in Chh. communion, from our hearts acknowledging our owne 
unworthynesse, of such a priviledge, or of y*" Least of God's mercys, 
and likewise acknowledging our owne disability, to keep Covenant 
with God, or to performe any spirituall duty w"" hee calleth us unto, 
tinlesse y" Lord Jesus doe inable thereunto by his spirit dwelling in us, 
Doe, in y" name of Christ Jesus our Lord, and in trust and confidence of 
his free grace assisting us : Freely Covenant and bind our selues, so- 
lemnly, in y" presence of God hims. his holy Angells, and all his servants 
here present, y* wee will by his Grace assisting, Indeavour constantly 
to walk together as a right ordered Congregation of Christ, according 
to all y'^ holy rules of a Church body, rightly Established, soe farre as 
wee doe already know it to be our duty ; or shall further vnderstand 
it out of God's holy word : Promising first and aboue all to give up 
ourselues and our ofspring unto y'' Lord, God, Father, Son, and Holy 
Ghost, y^ only true and liueing God and to Cleaue imto him as our 
cheife and only Good, and unto our Lord Jesus Christ as our only Sa- 

2 Milton Church Records. 

viour, our Prophet, Preist and King-, oi;r spirituall head and Husband ; 
and fur y"" furthering of us to Keep y' blessed Communion with God 
and his Son Jesus Christ and to grow up more fully herein, wee doe 
likewise promise, by his Grace Assisting us to Endeavour </te Establish- 
ing amongst ourselues of all his holy Ordinances w" hee hath appointed for 
his Chh. here on Earth, and to Obserue all and Every of y'", in such sort as 
shall be most agreeable unto his will ; Opposeing unto y*' utmost of our 
Chh. power y<^ Contrary. And lastly wee doe hereby Covenant and 
promise to further unto y^ utmost of our power y'^ best spirituall good 
of such other and of all and Every One y' may become members of y' 
Congregation by mutuall Instruction, reprehension. Exhortation, Con- 
solation, and spirituall watchfullnesse over one another for good ; and 
to be subject in and for y'' Lord to all y'' Administrations and Censures 
of y'^ Chh. soe far as y'' same shall be guides according to y*" Rules of 
God's most holy word in a way of order peace and vnion ; with all 
promising to walk orderly in a way of fellowshipe and Communion with 
all y'^ Chs of Christ among us according to Rule, y' y^ Lord may be 
one and his name one in all y*^ Chhs. 

This Covenant wee doe by solemne act of Chh. Confederation Enter 
into, with full purpose of heart (as y"' Lord shall help us) to keep it 
forever, and where wee shall faile y" to waite upon our Lord Jesus, 
for healing and pardon for his Names sake. 

Anthony Newton, George Sumner, George Lion, 

Robert Tucker, Thomas Ilolman, James Tucker, 

William Blacke, Ebenezer Clap, Ephraim Tucker, 

Thomas Swift, Edward Blacke, Manassah Tucker. 

Rev. Peter Thacher's Answer to the Church and congregation in 
Milton, May 8, 1681. 

Dearly Beloved in our Lord Jesus Christ. 
Y^ serious and solemn consideration of y*' all-wise disposeing and 
leading hand of Divine providence both of yo'"selves and of me, ip re- 
spect of your first kind invitation of me unto y'' work of y^ ministry. 
In order unto settlement with you and taking office amongst y°", by 
which and y'= advice of y% y* most judicious and discerning I was per- 
swaded so far to comply with all as to remove myself and my family 
to this place y* so I might y*^ more clearly disern and faithfully follow 
divine guidance and direction in my future settlement amongst you or 
remove from y"" according as God should unite y'^ harts of y' chh. and 
congregation unto me and mine and ours unto y"" or other wise dis- 
pose, and God having in his infinite goodness given me much Experi- 
ence of your undeserved love kindness and aflection of y' Chh. and 
Congregation to mee and mine, not only in your readiness to doe for 
mee as occasion hath presented, but in your obligeing gratitude pro- 
mised and in your unanimous, frequent and affectionate calls unto set- 
tlement with y"" and office engagement amongst yo" which unmerited 
and unexpected tho much desired unanimous aflection hath,_ doth 
and (continuing) I hope will much engage oblige and endear mine to 
your selves. Y" Consideration of all these things and many more 
which I might but shall not mention, calling aloud upon me for more 
y'" ordinary preponderation, due consultation, fervent suppHcation 
and spedy resolution with finall determination, I have diligently 
weighed and preponderated, seriously consulted with others Earnestly 
and extraordinary suplicated both publiq'ly, privately and secrectly 



^ Milton Church Records. 3 

^'v divine g'uidance and conduct, and do therefore resolve and determine 
"! (with submission to divine soveraignty and in intire depcndance upon 
;: divine sufiiciency for assistance and acceptance) Notwithstanding my 
C^ deep uiiworthyness of, my great unfittness for, my too much backward- 
Y^' ness unto and my great discouragem''* in work of the ministry not 
only in respect of y* great duty and difficulty of y*" work in it self 
considered, but Especially in y** place in respect of those Lamementable 
animosityes and divisions which have been in y' place w'''' hath occa- 
sioned your unsettlement untill now w*^ y'^ Lord for his own name sake 
pardon and prevent for y'^ future. I say Notwithstanding y' yet I 
resolve and determine to give my self up unto y" work of y'' Lord in 
y** ministry among your selves (believing God calls me there unto) on 
y° Conditions. 

1. So long you continue one amongst your selves and for me, all 
due means being used or tendred for hearing In case of differance. 

2. So long as I may enjoy y'' liberty of my judgment according to 
scripture rule. 

3. So long as you shall subject your selves and yours to y** Ordi- 
nances and officers of y^ chh. 

4. So long as I may follow my studdys without distraction ; and 
provide for my self and family according to y'^ rules of God's word so 
long as you shall give me scripture encouragements, &c. I shall en- 
deavour to give my selfe up unto y^ work of y'' Lord unto w*"'' God 
and your selves are calling of me beging your prayers for me that I 
may come unto you in y" fullness of y'^ blessings of y" Gospell of peace, 
and y' all y' ministerial! assisting grace may be from time to time 
granted to me, whereby I may be helped thro' my whole ministeriall work 
unto God's glory to y'^ conversion edification and Eternall salvation of 
your soules, and unto my own peace comfort, and tranquillity and 
y*" best good of my family w"^"^ the Lord grant for his own name sake 
supliing all our needs according to y^ riches of his glory by Christ, 
unto whome be honour and glory in y*" chh. forever more. Amen. 

From a volume of Mr. Thacher's diaiy I find that the above was 
read by himself to the ch : and congregation [they having before 
renewed their call] after the exercises on Sabbath, May 8, 1681. [The 
above is in the hand writing of Joseph McKean.] 

Members admitted into full Com'union In y*^ Chh. of Milton. 

24 April, 1681. Peter Thacher, by a Letter of dismission from y® 
third Chh. in Boston, was admitted. 

June* 1, 1681. Peter Thacher [tho unworthy] was ordained Pas- 
tor ofy^ Chh. of Milton. 

July 17, 1861. Father Vose was Rec*^ to full communion. 

Aug. 28, 1681. Sister Sumner wife to George Sumner, Sister Lion, 
Sister Clap, wife to Ebenezer Clap, sister Tucker, wife to Bro. 
James Tucker, were admitted into full Com'union, by vertue of a 
Letter of dismission from Dorchester Chh. 

Oct. 2, 1681. My Dear wife, Theodora Thacher, was admitted into 
full com'union, makeing a relation. Sister Newton, Sister Holman, 
sister Swift, sister Salisbury, sister Vose wife to Edward Vose, were 

* The date is erroueously giveu September, iu the Register, Vol. xx. p. 316. 

4 Milton Church Records. 

at y*^ same time admitted, by vertue of a letter of dismission from Dor- 
chester Clih. to y' Chh, 

Nov. 20, 1681. Deacon Roger Sumner and bis wife, James Atber- 
ton Seni""" and bis wife. 

Feb. 5, 1681. Samuel Pitcber, Goodwife Craine Seni""", Goodwife 
Gouliver Seni""", m". Wadswortb and y*^*^ children consenting to it 
were admitted with y'" by vertue of a letter of dismission from Brain- 
try Chh. ; and sister Horton by y'' same letter was rec*^ March 5, 1681-2. 

June 4, 1682. Abigaile Kinsley, wife to John Kinsley. 

Aug. 20, 1682. Bro. T. Swift and Bro. Roger Sumner were both 
ordained at y" same time Deacons in the Chh. of Milton, by P. T. y'' 
Pastor y^"" of 

-June 18, 1682. Dorathy Daniel, wife to John D. ; Bro. Houghton 
and his wife ; John Lewis. 

Oct. 22, 1682. Elizabeth Dike, and Waitstill Tucker, wife to 
Bro. Manassah T. 

Aug. 12, 1683. Rebecca Fenno Seni°^ 

July 1, 1683. Henry Craine Seni^'', roc'' w'= was y*" first time I 
went abroad after my great sicknesse. 

April 20, 1684. Samuel Joanes and Mary his wife. 

Aug^' 24, 1684. Goodwife Glover. 

Sep'. 6, 1685. Mary Sumner, Daughter to Bro. George S. 

June 13, 1686. Sister Elizabeth Tucker, by vertue of a letter of 
dismission from Waymouth. 

May 22, 1687. Mary, wife to Jonathan Badcock. 

July 3, 1681. Anna Craine. 

Aug. 21, 1681. Samuel Triscot, Hannah Gouliver, Susannah 

1687. Dec. 25. Ebenezer Wadsworth and 'his wife, Nathaneel 
Wales, Patience Holman, Margeret Reeding. 

Nov. 25, 1688. Elizabeth Daniel, dau. to J. D. 

Jan. 12, 1688. Hannah Badcock, wife to Samuel Bacock. 

Feb. 10. Martha Mooree, Brother Ezra Clap, Sister Wait-stil 
Vose, y'' wife of Left"' Vose, by vertue of a letter of dismission from 
Dorchester Chh., and Mary Pitcher with y'^ rest of bro. Claps children, 
and Henry Vose and Thomas Vose and her dau. Elizabeth Craine, 
were propounded to y*" Chh. as desiring to Enter into covenant with 
and come vnder y*^ watch of y' Chh., and were rec'^with y*"' parents by 
a Chh. Vote. Mary Ellen, wife to D. E. admitted. Experience Clap, 
wife to Bro: Ezra Clap, and Abigail his Dau, were rec^ at y'= same 

1689. March 10. Ruth Newton, wife to Ephriam N. 
" 3. Hannah Badcock, wife to Benj. B. 
April 28. Freiscee Standtowne, wife to Old Goodman S. 
Aug"' 4. Johannah Badcock, wife to Captaine Badcock. 

1689-90. March 9. Mary Gouliver, wife to Jonathan Gouliver. 

1691. June 28. Anthony Couliver, Seargant Henry Vose, Mary 
Crehore, Experience Sumner and Elizabeth Vose. 

1691-2. Jan. 10. Elnar, y'' wife of Anthony CuUiver. 

Feb. 21. Benjamine Craine. March 6. John Wadsworth. 

1692. April 3. Nathaniel Blake. Juno 19. Mary Rider. 
July 24. Mary Pitcher, y^ wife of Nat. Pitcher. 
Augs' 14. Abigael Hutson, wife of Bro. John Hutson. 















Milton CJmrch Records. 5 

1693. Nov. 12. Matthias PufTer. 1G93-4. March 18. M". Re- 
becca Miller. 

1694. April 29. Thankful! Lion, y" wife of George Lion. 
M". Elizabeth Gregory. May 13. Susannah 

Ford Scni""". 

Widdow Mary Dennis and Alee Man. 

M". Susannah Badcock, wife to M^ Enoch Bad- 

1694. Aug. 5. Abigail Davis, wife to T. D. 
Stephen Crainc and Mary his wife. 

At y® same time Hannah Dennis, Marcy and Margaret desireing to 
give up y"'s. to y" Lord and to y'' watch and discipline of y*" Chh. lay- 
ing hold on y" Mothers Covenant Avere by a Vote of y*^ Chh. owned 
as children of y' Chh. and soe baptized. An Dennis was baptized on 
her mother's account (being in adult). 

1695. March 31. Mary Henshur (wife of Neighbour Daniel Hen- 

shur Seni"). 
April 28. Mary Crane, y'' wife of Ebenezar Crane. 
May 12. John Gansey and Elizabeth his wife. 
Jul}'" Richard Smith ; and was baptized. 

1695-6. Jan. 19. Moses and his wife Hannah Belcher. 

Feb. 23. Nathaniel Badcock. 1696. May 24. Walter 
Aug. 2. Peter and Jane Lion ; by a Letter of Dismission 

from Dorchester. 
Sept. 13. Hannah Badcock, wife to Bro. Nat. Badcock. 

1697. April. Experience Tucker, y*^ dau. of Bro. James Tucker, 
May 30. Rebecca Tucker, y'^ dau. of Bro. James T. 
July 18. George Sumner Juni"'' and An his wife. 

Feb. 13. Cousen M^ Peter Thacher. 

1698. March 27. John Trot and Mehitable his wife. 
Dec. 4. Nathaneel Vose and Mary his wife. 

Jan. 8. M^ Sam. Niles. 1699. April 2. Caleb Badcock. 

1699. Nov. 5. Samuel Webb. 

Dec. 24. Elizabeth Wadsworth, wife of John Wadsworth. 

1700. July 14. Joseph and Rachell Bent, and Hannah Gulliver 

y^ wife of Nat. Gul. 
July 21. Ebenezar Sumner, son to Deacon Roger Sumner. 
Aug. 11. Elizabeth Frissel. 1700-1. Feb. 2. Daughter 


1701. March 23. Sou Oxenbridge, dau. Elizabeth, Mercy and 

Mary Badcock. 
June 22. Elizabeth Bailej'. 

1702. Aug. 9. Edward Black and Elizabeth his wife, Timothy 
Crehore and Ruth his wife, William Suinner and Ester his wife, Joseph 
Swetland, Jane Hauton and Sarah Vose ; Sab. after y*^ Afternoon 

Sept. 20. Sarah Tucker, y'^ dau. of Bro. James Tucker. 

1702-3. March 7. Elizabeth Crane, dau. of Bro. Stephen Craino. 

1703. May 23. James and Ebenezar y" sons of Bro. James Tucker, 
and Ebenezar y* son of Bro, Manassah Tucker ; Sab. after y"^ Afternoon 

Nov. 21. Lieutenant Gulliver. 

6 Milton Clmrch Records. 

n03-4. Feb. 6. My Son Peter Thach", Sim. Langley, Martha 
Vose, Mary Feild ; Sab. after y'^ Afternoon sermon. 

March 19. Robert Feikl, Abigail Glover and Susanna Pitcher. 

1105, March 25. Nathaneel Badcock. 

1V06. April 7. Capt. Thomas Vose ; Sarah Vose, y*^ wife of John 

1706-7. Feb. 16. Joseph Dean. March 16. John Spencer. 

1707. May 4. Joseph Billings ; Jane Tucker, wife to Ebenezer 
Tucker ; Thomas Els and Mary his wiie, and Peg my Indian servant, 
(tho now a free woman), was admitted into full com 'union with this 
Chh. July 20, 1707. M^ Nathaneel Pitcher, Sept. 7, 1707. Edward 
Adams, October 12, 1707. 

Jemima Tucker, wife to Bro: Eben: Tucker, Feb. 15, 1707. 

Rachel Adams, wife of Edward Adams, Feb. 22, 1707-8. 

Elizabeth Sumner, Benjamine's wife, June 6, 1708. 

Sarah Tucker, wife to Brother James Tucker Juni°% 23 : 2: 1710. 

Rebacca and Sarah Triscot, y*" daughters of Bro. John Triscot, 
June 4, 1710. 

M'\ Hannah Beel, Sept. 3, 1710. 

Feb. 4, 1710-11. M". Elizabeth Hersy wife to M'. Ilersy ; by vir- 
tue of a letter of dismission from Hingham Chh. 

Jan. 20, 1711-12. Ruhamah Billings wife to Joseph Billings. 

May 31, 1713. Benjamine Crehore. July 12, 1713. Sarah Dick- 
er man. 

1713. Aug. 23. M'"^ Elizabeth Gulliver. 

Oct. 4. M'. Samuel Tucker and his wife. 

Oct. 11. Mary, dau. of M'. Ebenezer Wadsworth. 

1714. April 4. M'. Samuel Wadsworth, M''. Timothy Crehore 
Juni'"' and his wife, neighbour George Talbut and his wife, M^ Nehe- 
miah Clap and Abigail Wadsworth, M^ J. W. dau. 

April 11. Sarah Triscot, dau. to Bro. Sam. Triscot. 

May 2. Elizabeth Jordon. 1714-15. Jan. 9. M". Mary Fenno. 

1715. June 26. Son Thomas Thacher. He is 176 members in full 

communion admitted by myself. 

Aug. 7. M'. Recompence W. ; Sept. 18, M". Sarah his wife. 

Oct. 30. M". Elizabeth Badcock wife to M^ William Bad- 

1716. April 8. M^ Preserved Lion and M". Johannah his wife. 
Dec. 30, 1716. M'. John Dickerman Seni°^ and M". Sarah, his 

wife ; by virtue of a letter of Dismission from y* Chh. of Reading ; 
and Jerusha Vose, M'. Nathaneel Vose's Daughter was y"' same 
time I'ec'' into full communion with Chh. 
1716-17. March 24. Thankfull Weeks. 

1717. April 28. Ezra Clap Juni""" and Waitstill his wife. 
May 5. Sarah Richer, M". Nat. Pichers Daughter. 

June 9. M". Ralph Shepard and his wife and Anne With- 

July 21. M". Susanna Glover. Sept. 1. Elizabeth Hersey. 
Jan. 5. M". Manasseh and M". Hannah Tucker his wife. 
1717-18. Jan. 12. M"". John Holman. 

March 23. M"". Stephen Tucker and wife, and M". Sarah 
Badcock, M^ John Badcocks wife. 

1718. April 6. Mary Vose, relict to M^ W. V. 



Milton Church Records. 7 

May 18. ]\[^ John Daniel JunP^ 
Nov. 2. M". Sarah Billings, widow. 

Aug. 10. V M'. Thomas Vose and M". Hannah Vose his wife. 
1718-19. March 1. Ebonezar Warrin and Thankiull Trott. 

1719. Dec. 27. Hannah Crane, dau. of M'. Stephen Crane. 
1719-20. Feb. 28. M^ William Rawson Juni"^ 

1720. June 12. Hannah Pitcher, M^ Nat. Pichers Daughter. 
July 17. M^ Edward Belcher and M'^ Mary his wile ; M". 

Waitstill Henshaw and Mehittable Trot. 
Nov. 20. Sarah Badcock, dau. of M^ Nathaneel Badcock 
1720-21. Jan. 8. M". Lidea Clap, M'. Nehemiah Clap's wife. 
Sept. 10. Abigail Davis. 

1721. Jan. U. M'. Stephen Badlam and his wife, and Mehetabel 

and Ann Billings. 
1721-2. Feb. 25. Abigail Billing. 

1722. Aug. 12. M"^'. Elizabeth Peircc and her dau. Miriam Peirce. 
Sept. 23. M^^ Marv Billings. 1723. April 21. M^^ Sarah 


1723. Oct. 13, Elizabeth Sumner, M"". Ebenezar Sumners Dau. 

1724. Sept. 6. M'. John Pitcher and his wife. 
Oct. 25. Hagar, my negro woman. 

1724-5. Jan. 10. Miriam Vose. 

Jan. 17. Elizabeth Wadsworth and Hannah Billings, 
Feb. 28. S' Billings [viz. Isaac]. 

1725. Aug. 8. S' Wadsworth. 

Sept. 26. M". Rebecca Miller Junior. 

Nov. 6. M" Mary Billings (Capt. John Billings his consort). 
Dec. 11. M". Mary Tucker (M'. Ephraim's wife). 
1725-6. Jan. 23, M". Grace Wadsworth. 
Jan. 30. M". Tabitha Crane. 

1726. Aug. 14. M". Ruth Everenden Juni°'. 

Dec, 18. M^ Ezra Clap and his wife were dismissed to 
y^ Chh. of Middleburough by y^ vote of y'' Chh. of Milton. 
1726-7. Feb. 12. M'. Samuel Kinsley was admitted. 

1727. April 23. U". Elizabeth Trescot (M^ John Trescots dau.). 
May 7, M'. Nathanael Vose Juni""" and M''. Rachel his wife. 

M^ Jeremiah Belcher, M^ Israel Hearsy and M". Abigail Ilearsy 
his wife, M^ Benjamin Wadsworth and M". Hannah Black, were 
admitted into full com'union, July 23, 1727. 

Sept. 3. M". Abigail Vose (wife to M^ R. V.). 

1727. Nov. 26. M^ Georg Sumner Juni"' and M". Susanna 
his wife. 

1 Octo. 1682. The Chh. voted y' y^ were willing I should, and 
w**. strengthen my hands in calling y" children of y" Chh. unto an ac- 
count concerning y" profiting vnder y" means of grace and acquaint 
myselfe with y* state of y^'' soules. 

June 26, 1698. Y' Chh, voted to admitte Mary Puffer (y" wife of 
John Pufler) to baptisme, and to take her vnder y"^ watch and disci- 
pline of y^ Chh. 

July 3, 1698. Y^ Chh. voted to admitte Mary Atherton to baptisme, 
and to take her vnder y*^ watch and discipline of y*" Chh. 

8 ' Milton Church Records. 

July 11, 1698. Y" Chh. voted to Admitte Sam: Gulliver Jum°'- to 
baptisme, and to take him vnder j" watch and Discipline of y'' Chh. 

July 31, 1698. Ephraim Tucker was chosen Deacon. 

May 1, 1699. Leiu"' George Sumner chosen Deacon. 

Aug. 14, 1698. The Chh. voted to admitte Sarah Charity and Nao- 
mi Jordon to baptisme and to y" watch and discipline of y" Chh. 

April 9, 1699. Abigail y" Daughter of Dina Tomson was by a 
Chh. vote admitted to baptisme and to y*" watch and discipline of y*" 
Chh. of Milton. 

July 30, 1699. Leiut"' George Sumner and Bro. Ephraim Tucker 
were Ordained Deacons in this Chh. of Milton. My text 1 Tim. 3: 13. 

Nov. 10, 1706. M". Ilolman y'^ wife of M'. John Holman owned 
y" Covenant and gaue up herselfe and seed toy* watch and discipline 
ofy*^ Chh. in Milton. 

Jan. 12, 1T06. Ruhamah Billing y'^ wife of Joseph Billings owned 
y'^ Covenant, &c. 

Sept. 20, 1713. M''. William Badcock, owned y'= Covenant, &c., 
and had his child baptized. 

July ]8, 1714, Y*^ Chh. voted to admitte Hannah Holman (M^ 
Samuel Holmans Daughter) to baptisme, and took her vnder y*' watch 
and discipline of y'' Chh., and so she was baptized y*^ same day. 

Sep'. 18, 1715. John Gulliver laid hold on y*' Covenant and gaue 
up hims. to y" watch and discipline, and was baptized by y"^ vote of 
y^Chh. Sep^ 11, 1715. 

A record of Some of ye Acts of a Council of Two Churches (viz., Dor- 
chester and 3Iilton), thai Sate at Newport and Complon. 

1700. Forasmuch as with y*^ heart man beleiueth unto 

Righteousnesse and with y" mouth confession and taking hold of Gods 
Covenant are unto Salvation ; We confesse, Professe, and Avouch y" 
Lord Jehovah, Father, Son and Holy Ghost to be our God, and y® 
Lord Jesus Christ, y*^ Great Immanuel, to be our Prophet, Priest, King 
and Saviour ; and We liumbly giue up our selues, and all ours, to be 
taiight, Justifyed, Ruled, Sanctifj^ed and Saued by Him, and By his 
Grace ; we promise, as Hee shall Enable Us, To Loue y** Lord our God 
with all our hearts. To Cleaue to Him, Trust in Him, Fear Him, Obej'^ his 
Commandments, and to Observe all his Ordinances whereof we are at 
present Capable, and as we shall be Capable ; waiting on Him for His 
spirit and Looking to Him, Whereinsoeuer we shall fail, and fall short, 
for Pardon and Healing for His Names Sake. Amen. 

On 27 Oct., 1700. Divina Gratia. 

At Newport These laid hold on y^' Covenant and were Baptized, viz. : 
Capt. Nath. Coddington, Esq., m". Joanne Brightman, m". Rebecca 
Pocock, m". Sarah Creek, m'^ Hannah Clark, Sarah Timberlake, and 
Jane Dill. 

Others laid hold on y° Covenant who had been formerly Baptized, 
viz. : M"". Calender and his wife, M^ Richard Clark, m^'. Mumford, 
m'''. Magewick, Elizabeth Caparon, Susannah AVillet. M"". Warkman 
and ra'\ Coggeshel only renewed Covenant. The children that were 
Baptized were, Patience, Thomas, Freegift, Sarah, Elis : William, 
Mary and Nathaneel, children of M''. Freegift Cogshel : Abigail, Elisa- 
beth, Mercy, Mary and William, children of M''. Magewick ; John 

Milton Church Records. 9 

and Margaret Caparon ; Susannah and Alice Willet ; Mary Wark- 
man ; Steven Mumford ; Jonathan, Alice and Hannah, children of 
M'. Richard Clark. 

On Nov. 3, 1700. Divina Gratia. At Compton. There Laid hold 
on 7*= Covenant and were Baptized these y' follow, viz. : Lt. John 
Wood, M''. Edward Richmond and his wife and daughter Abigaile ; 
M^ Silvester Richmond ; M^ John Palmer and his wife ; M''. Joseph 
Church's wife ; Joseph and Martha Seabury ; Nathanael House ; 
Mercy Rouse, 

Others y' Laid hold on y'' Covenant Were Mr. Fobcs and his wife ; 
Mr. Samuel Crandolls wife ; Mr. John Church ; Mr. Samuel Gray's 
wife ; the wife of Nathaneel Series ; the wife of James Bennet. 

The Children y" Baptized were, Elisabeth, Constant, Mercy and 
Mary Fobes ; John, Mary, Sarah, Deborah, Margaret, Abigail and 
Elizabeth Woods ; Thomas and Edward Grays ; Edward, Anne, Eliza- 
beth, Ame, Bonjamine and Mary Richmonds ; Joseph, Nathan, Alice, 
Deborah and Elisabeth, children of Joseph Church ; Elizabeth daugh- 
ter of John Church ; John, Sarah, Elisabeth, Edward, Job, Aaron, and 
Anne Palmers : Jonathan, Hannah, Simon, Ebenezer, John, Joseph 
and Benjamin Dawen ; Benjamin, Ichabod, Sarah, Rebecca, Elisha, 
Blackraans ; Abigail and Sarah Hilliard ; David and Grace Wood- 
worths ; Sam: and Mary Crandolls ; John and Sarah Seai'les. 

Kingtowne, Oct. 14, 1705. Sab. after I had preached I baptized 
M"" James Nuton's Daughter Abigail, he and his wife being Mem- 
bers in full communion with y^ Chh. in Ferfeild. 

Feb. 25, 1707-8. Punkapaog, at a fast of y^ English inhabitants 
y*"" M"" Danforth of Dorchester preached in y*^ forenoon, and I in y° 
afternoon, and in y'^ close of y'^ Publiq. worshipe (M"^ Danforth advicing 
it), I Baptized Mar}^, y*" Daughter of Sister Wiutworth. 

Kingstowue, Maj^ 23, 1708. Sab. After I had preached I bap- 
tized my dear Grandchild, Sarah Niles. 

Braintry, Aug" 15, 1708. I preached both parts of y*^ day (it being 
y*^ first sabbath after M^ Fisk's death. Acts 21, 14, and Rom. 8, 38, 
39), and being desired y*^ Chh. also consenting, I baptized Susanna, 
y*= Daughter of Nat: Mills. 

Braintry, Feb. 13, 1708-9. Sab. I preached both parts of y® 
day. Deu. 30, 19, and being desired I baptized Dorathy, y® Daughter 
of Ooronol Quinsey, and Timothy, y'^ son of [ ] Pennyman, 

deacon Penniman's grandchild. 

Lebanon, May 7, 1710. I preached at Lebanon both parts of y*^ 
day, and being desired I baptized there Samuel, y" son of ]VP Ephraim 
Terr}'-, and Mary, y*" daughter of M"" William Waddle. 

Lebanon, May 14, 1710. I preached both parts and y° Baptized 
Sarah, y*^ daughter of George Webster ; Maiy, y*" daughter of John 
Smith, Ebenezer, y'' son of John Tuttle, Hannah, y* daughter of Jona- 
than Hartshorne. 

June 14, 1719. Sab. Wrentham. I preached both parts and 
baptized Ichabod, y** son of M'' William Man, and Beriah, son of 
Benjaraine Grant ; and Abigail, y*" Daughter of Nat. Easton. 

June 4, 1716. Brother Nathanael Wales and his wife and Brother 
John Spencer had a letter of Dismission from Milton Church to y* Chh. 
of Wendham, 


10 Milton Clnircli Records. 

Feb. 1, 1716-11. Brother Caleb Badcock and sister Mai^ Badcock 
his Mother had y"' Dismission to y" Chh. in Wendham. 

Nov. 12, lUT. Bro. Samuel Pitcher, Bro. Peter Lyon, Bro. Puch- 
ard Smith and his wife and bro. Talbut and his wife had their Dismis- 
sion to y" Chh. in Dorchester new village, June 25, 1118. 

Joseph Swetland and Mercy his wife and Mary Sprage y'^'' sister 
had a letter of Dismission from Milton Chh. to y"' Chh. of Lebanon. 

Nov. 13, 1120. M'' Moses Belcher and his wife, and M"" Stephen 
Tucker and his wife were dismissed to Preston by a vote of y" Chh. 
Milton, Sab. Sep' 9, 1116. 

Y' Evening I stayed y"" Chh. and desired y' they woxild bring in y^' 
written votes for Nomination of two deacons, and we concluded y' y' 
four highest in Nomination should be those out of whome y'' Chh. 
y*-' next Sab: should by their written votes choose two deacons. 

Milton, Sab. Sep-- 16, 1116. y^ Evening I stayed y"^ Chh. and we 
voted by papers for two Deacons, and Ensigne Manasseh Tucker had 
29 votes, Bro: Ebenezer Wadsworth 18. Bro. Moses Belcher 11. 
Bro. John Wadsworth 10. so y' I declared Bro. Manasseh Tucker 
and Brother Ebenezer Wadsworth chosen Deacons. 

Milton, Sab. Aug^' 31, 1118. The Church voted and Choose M^ John 
Wadsworth to y'' office of Deacon. lie had 24 votes. 

Milton: June 28, 1119. Sab. M'' Manasseh Tucker, seni'' and M"^ 
John Wadsworth (being proued and Approued), were Ordained Dea- 
cons of y'' Chh. in Milton, by Peter Thacher, Pastour. 

September 10, 1121. William Peirce and Richard his Brotlier, they 
both gaue me an account of their knowledge &c. ihay were pro- 
pounded first to y*' Ch. as desiring to Enter into Covenant with God 
and this Chh. and to come vnder y* watch and discipline of this Chh. 
and so have baptisme and tlien to y*" Congregation, after w*^ y" Chh. 
voted them baptisme, and they were both baptized, 

Dec. 30, 1122. M"" Henry Witherton owned y'= Covenant, gaue up 
himselfe and his to y*' watch and discipline of y'" Chh. and so had his 
child baptized. 

March 10, 1122-3. Moses Heiden owned the Covenant and came 
vnder y*" watch and discipline of y*" Chh. and so had his child baptized. 
April 26, 1124. Prudence Myer (hauing been Examined by me con- 
cerning her knowledge &c. and propounded to y" Chh.) The Church 
voted her baptisme, and took her vnder watch and discipline and slie 
was Baptized y'' next sab: Upon her solemn Entring into Covenant 
with God and coming vnder y* watch and discipline of this Clmi-ch. 

July 19, 1124. Sarah Joanes (y*^ wife of [ ] Joanes), was 

Examined by me concerning her knowledge, &c. (and propounded to 
y*' Chh. and y" to y^ congregation.) The Chh. voted her baptisme and 
took her vnder y'' watch and discipline of y*" Chh. 

July 26, 1124. She Entered into Covenant with this Chh. and 
gaue up herselfe and hers to God and y*^ watch of this Chh. and so she 
and her three children were baptized. 

May 2, 1125. M'' Mary Swan, y"^ Dau. of M' Ebenezer Crane, 
owned y*' Covenant, &c. 

Jan. 9, 1125-6. M" Sarah White (M' Peter White's Daughter) 
was .baptized, she giuing Up her selfe and Offspring to y'' watch and 
discipline of this Chh. 

Feb. 21, 1125-6. M"" David Vose owned y*' Covenant &c. 


Milton C/inrch Records. 11 

April 23. M" Jemima Wadland (M' Benja: Fonno's Dauj^htcr), 
owned y*= Covenant and came vnder y*" watch and discipline of this Chh. 

June 2, 1717. M" Elizabeth and M'' Sarah Gulliver being pro- 
pounded to y*^ Chh. and Congregation in Milton, as desireing to owne 
y" Covenant and come vnder y'' watch and discipline of y*^ Chh. and 
so haue baptisme, y" Chh. voted y*^ Affirmatiue. 

Octo. 24, 1718. M^ George Sumner had his sister, M" Elizabeth 
Sumner befoi'e me for scandalizing his owne mother, and represented 
her as a witch, and I had y*^ presence of Deacon Tucker seni'"', and 
Deacon Tucker Juni'"", and Deacon J. Wadsworth and Lieutenant Vose 
to be present and M' John Badcock and witnesses, and we found M""' Eli- 
zabeth Sumner guilt [y] of y'' breach of the fifth, six, and ninth command- 
ment, and she confessed her fault and craned forgivness of God and of all 
whome she had offended, and M' G. Sumner and y" rest receiued sat- 
isfaction and so forgaue her, and I was to signify to y® Chh. that satis- 
faction was giuen and taken. 

Nov. 13, 1726. The Chh. voted y* w" y^ Past' and Deligates'were 
sent by y" Chh. unto Councils y' were at a considerable Distance, 
&c. Their Necessary charges should [be] alowed out [of] y** Chh. 

[Church discipline was served on the following persons. Aug. 16, 
1691. Hannah Perdue.— March 31, 1695. Mary Ilackett, formerly 
Crane. — March 29, 1702. Solomon and Susanna Horton. — May 9, 
1703. Hannah Chandler, alias Hannah Collins. — Aug. 29, 1703. 
Sarah Allen, now Sarah Hichborn. — Sep'. 24, 1704. An Maxfeild. 
—July 4-, 1708. Sarah Triscot.— July 3, 1709. Mary Pitcher, 
Bro. Sam. Pitcher's daughter, now Mary Williston. — Jan. 30, 
171f. Hannah, Dau. of Brother George Lion, " having lined from 
Infancy in Dorchester," requests leave to make a public profes- 
sion, "together with her Husband Abijali Baker, unto y'' Chh. and 
Congregation in Dqrchester, y*" Towne where she was bred and where 
she fell," which request was granted, and to be rec*^ vnder y'^ watch 
and discipline of y*' Chh. of Dorchester. — June 5, 1715. Lidia Den- 
mark. — April 14, 1717. John Gulliver and Lidea Gulliver. — April 27, 

1718. Betty Hunter.— June 29, 1718. Tabitha Crane.— Octo. 18, 

1719. John Gulliver and his wife Margaret. — June 12, 1720. Ben- 
jamine Wiat and wife. — Nov. 19, 1721. Robert Vose and Abigail his 
wife. — March 18, 1721-2. Nathanael and Rachel Vose. — Nov. 11, 
1722. Ebenezer Houghton and Sarah his wife.] 

Baptized by Rev. Peter Thacher of Milton. 
Octo. 13, 1689. Ephraim, y« son of [ ] 

27.8.1689. Manasseh, y^'sonof Man [ ] 

17 . 9. 16S9. Timothy Crehore, son to Timet [ ] 

Dec. 8, 1689. Nehemiah, son to Ezi*a Clap. 
March 2, 1690. David, son to Nath. Wiet. 
March 9, 1689-90. Daniel Henchire J[ ], a previous son of 

y^ Chh taken into Covenant with God and y" Chh. and soe 


March 30, 1690. Daniel, son to Henry Robard. 

April 6, 1690. Mary Gouliver, Daughter to Jonathan Gouliver. 

April 13, 1690. Ebenezer, son to M' Holman. 

April 27, 1690.* John, son to Abigail Hudson (who is Daughter to 

12 Milton Church Records. 

Brother Ralph Haughton), was baptized ; shee owning her father's 
Covenant and giuing up hers, and hers vnto y^ watch and discipline 
of r Chh. 

May 31, 1690. Abigail, Daughter to Bro. Sam. Pitcher. 

June 29, 1690. Comfort, son to Standfast Foster. 

[ ] seph, y*' son of Joseph Baker of Deadham. 

[ ] Hannah, Daughter of Jonathan [ ] 

[ ] ^J> y" Daughter of Henry Vose. 

90 — 91. Samuel Badcock, son to widdow Hannah Badcock. 

March 29, 1691. Bathshua, y'' Dau. of Edward Vose. 

April 5, 1691. John Thacher, son of P. T. 

April 12, 1691. AVilliam, Mary and Hannah Bentlet, Grandchildren 
to Bro. R. Haughton. 

April 19, 1691. Stephen, y* son of Bro. Ephraim Tucker. 

May 3, 1691. Dorathy, y" Dau. of Jonathan Badcock. 

June 21, 1691. Silas, son to Henry Craine Juni''^ 

July 19, 1691. Colleta, y^ Dau. of Dorcas Grtecian was baptized 
by vertue of com'union of Chhs. she hauing owned her fathers Cove- 
nant in M' Willards Chh. 

Sept. 13, 1691. Thomas, y son of Peter Web. 

Sept. 21, 1691. Mind-well, y" Dau. of Ezra Clap. 

Nov. 15, 1691. Joshuah, y'' son of Henry Robers ; his wife being in 
full com'union with y* Chh. of Dorchester. 

Dec. 21, 1691. John, y^ son of Ba[ ] baptized: Barakiah ac- 
knowledging [ ] interest and owning of his fathers covenant, &c. 

14: 12: 1691. Jonathan, y* son of Thomas Kelton. 

March 6, 1691f. Susannah, j^ Dau. of Bro. Nat. Wales. 

March 20, 169f. Mary, y-^ Dau. of John Ganzey. 

June 26, 1692. Mary Rider (being rec"^ into full communion), was 

June 26, 1692. Elizabeth, ye Dau. of Benjamioe Craine. 

July 3, 1692. Joshua, y" son of Bro. Fuller of Deadham. 

July 9, 1692. Hope, y« son of Sam: Trisect ; Ruth, y" Dau. of 
Timothy Cre-hore. Elizabeth, y'' Dau. of Bro. Sam. Jones. 

Octo. 2, 1692. Nathauell, Abigail and Hannah, y*^ children of Na- 
thaneel Pitcher. 

Octo. 9, 1692. Hannah, y^ grandaughter of father Atherton was 
baptized, Joshua's Daughter. 

Octo. 9, 1692. Thomas, y*^ son of Isaac Grosse, was baptized (his 
Mother, Elizabeth Grosse, Daughter to father Atherton, taking hold 
of her father's Covenant and giuing up herself and seed unto y** Lord 
and to y*" Chh. &c.) On account of his Mothers Entering into cove- 
nant with God and y^ Chh. 

Nov. 13, 1692. Waitstill, y" Dau. of Nathaneel Wiet. 

Nov. 20, 1692. Preserued, Johanah and Hannah, y*' son and daugh- 
ters of George Lion, were baptized (He owning his father's Cove- 
nant &c.) 

[ ] Enoch, y" son of Peter Lion. 

March 26, 1693. Mary, y'' Dau. of Swinnerton and Granddau. 

of Left"' G. S. ; Mary, y'' dau. of Manasseh Tucker and Granddau. of 
Deacon R. S. 

April 9, 1693. Thomas Thacher, my son. 

Milton Church Records. 13 

May 14, 1693. Solomon, y"^ son of Thomas Kelton. 

Octo. 15, 1693. Elinar Veiin, y'' Grandchild of Mother Gulliver ; 
Lidea, y* dau. of Ephraim Tucker.' 

Octo. 29, 1693. Robert, y*' son of Henry Vose. 

Nov. 5, 1693. Sarah, y« dau. of Nat. Pitcher. 

Dec. 3, 1693. An, y<^ dau. of Bro. John Hudson. 

Feb. 18, 1693-4. Waitstill, y*= dau. of John Ganzey. 

March 25, 1694. Ezra, y'^ son of Brother Ezra Clap. 

April 8, 1694. Samuel and Rebecca, y' Children of M"" Sam. Miller. 

April 29, 1694. Robert, y" son of Jonathan Badcock. 

May 27, 1694. Nathaneel, y'^ son of Bro. Nat. Wales. 

Sept. 3, 1694. Mary Craine, y'^ wife of Stephen Craine, being- ad- 
mitted into full coiiiunion was baptized. Hannah, Mercy and Mar- 
garet Dennis, laying hold &c. giuing up y"'s to God. &c. An Dennis, 
being admitted with her mother, was baptized. 

Sept. 23, 1694. Elizabeth, y"^ Dau. of M' Sam. Miller. 

Oct. 14, 1694. ]Mary, Elizabeth, Samuel, Zerviah, Benjamine y* 
Children of Brother Stephen Craine, were baptized. 

Oct. 21, 1694. Meritteth, y'' Dau. of Nat. Wiet. 

Dec. 2, 1694. Mary, y<= dau. of M' Sam Web ; John, y'' son of 
Timothy Crehore. 

Dec. 30, 1694. Reforme, y'' Dau. of Bro. Sam. Triscot. 

March 10, 1694-5. Stephen, y" son of Bro. Stephen Craine. 

April 7, 1695. Joseph (y'' son of Mary Swinuerton y*" dau of Left"' 
Sumner), was baptized. 

April 21, 1695. Nathaniel Badcock renewed his baptismall Cove- 
nant and gaue up hims. and his to y*" watch and discipline of y' Chh. 
and soe had his children baptized, viz : George, Nathaniell, Elizabeth 
and Sarah, Children of Nat. Badcock, were baptized. Nat. was y* 
first baptized. 

May 26, 1695. Ebenezer and Ezekiel (y"" sons of Ebcnezer Craine). 

June 9, 1695. Waitstill, y<= Dau. of Bro. Manassah Tucker. 

June 16, 1695. Silence, y" Dau. of George Lion, deceased, was 

July 14, 1695. Richard Smith (being rec'^ into full communion) 
was baptized. 

Sept. 1695. John, y'^ son of Thomas Kelton. 

Oct. 6, 1695. Hannah, y'= Dau. of Ephraim Tucker. 

Nov. 24, " Samuel, y* son of George Sumner was baptized. 

This George was Leift"' G. S. Eldest son and y' day bee did Expli- 
citaly renew his Covenant with God and y' Chh. 

Feb. 2, 1695-6. Elizabeth, y'' Dau. of Sarjant Henry Vose. 

Feb. 9, 1695-6. Hannah, y*' Dau. of Bro. Moses Belcher. 

Feb. 16, 1695-6. Nathaneel, y'^ son (of Sam. Web). 

April 12, 1696. Samuel, y*" son of Thomas Vos Juni"" ; Submit, y= 
Dau. of Sister Widow Hutson. 

May 31, 1696. Bridget, y^ Dau. of Nat. Badcock. 

June 28, " Ebenezar, y'' son of Nathaneel Wales. 

July 12, " John, y*" son of Jonathan Badcock. 

January 3, 1696. Tabitha, Dau. of Ebenezar Craine ; Samuel, son 
of Timothy Crehore. 

Feb. 7, 1696. Ebenezar, sou of Bro. Ezra Clap. 

14 Milton Church Records. 

March 14, IGOT-G. Samuel Niles (y^ Collegian, son to Mr. Na- 
tlianeel Niles ow'ing his fathers Covenant), was baptized. 

April 11, 1697. Annah, y^ Dau. of Edward Blake. 

May 16, 1691. Abigail, Dau. of James Pufier, was baptized bee 
owning of y*' Covenant. 

May 30, 1697. Mary, Dau. of Henry Glover (who renewed Cove- 
nant), was baptized. 

June 6, 1697. Johannah and Ruth (two twins Daughters to sister 
Swinnerton), Left"' Sumners Grand-children. 

June 18, 1697. Edward, son of sister Wiet, y* wife of Nat. Wiet. 

Sept. 19 " Hannah, Dau. of Stephen Craine ; George, son of 
George Sumner Juni"'' ; Abigail, Dau. of Bro. Moses Belcher; Mary, 
Dau. of Nathaneel Vose (hee renewing Covenant). 

Octo. 1697. Ebenezar, son to Joseph Hauton was baptized. Grand- 
son to Edward Vose Seni°'. 

Octo. 24, 1697. Edward, son to Nathaneel Picher. 

March 1, 1698-7. Nathaneel, son to Nat. Blake. 

March 1, 1698-7. Jane, Dau. of Thomas Vose Junior, 

March 27, 1698. Hannah, dau. of Bro. Sam. Triscot. 

April 3, " Sarah, Dau. of Ebenezar Warren, 

May 8, " Marah, Dau. of William Sumner, Deacon S. son, 

was baptized : hee owning of his fathers Covenant, &c. 

June 19, 1698. Lidea, Dau. of Jonathan Gulliver. 

June 19 " Timoth}^ son of Nat. Wales. 

July 3 " Mary Puffer, y" wife of John Pufter, baptized, upon 
her owning y^ Covenant, &c. 

July 17 " Mary Atherton, Dau. of J. A. and Grand-dau. of 
Bro. Anthony Gulliver, baptized upon her owning of y'' Covenant, &c. 

July 24, 1698. Jezaniah, son of Manassah Tucker. 

July 31, " Samiiel, son of Samuel Gulliver, baptized upon his 
owning of y" Covenant, &c. 

July 31, 1698. Edward, son of Edward Black. 

xVug". 21 " Sarah, Charity and Naomi Jordon, baptized upon 
their entring into Covenant, &c. 

Aug. 28, 1698. Martha Vos, Dau. to Sargent H. Vos. 

Sept 18 " Benjamine, son of Benjamine Fenno, baptized. Hee 
owning of y'^ Covenant, &c. 

Sept. 25, 1698. Hannah, Dau. of Henery Glover Juni°'. 

Oct. 9 " Jolin, son of John Pufter. 

Nov. 13 " Mehitabel, Dau of John Trot. 

Dec. 11 " Mary, Dau. of M^ Sam. Miller. 

Jan. 8, 1698-9. Abigail, Dau. of Joseph Haughton. 

Jan. 28, 1698-9. Alexander, son of Joseph Hunt. 

Feb. 12, " Esther, dau. of Bro. Ezra Clap. 

March 19 " John, son of Nathaneel Gouliver. 

April 2, 1699. Nathaneel, son of Nat. Vose. 

Aprill 9, " Edward, son of Thomas Keilton. 

April 16 " George, son of Ebenezar Wadsworth. 

April 16, 1699. Abigail, dau. of Dinah Tompson, taken vnder y' 
watch and discipline of y" Chh. and baptized. 

Ma}' 7, 1699. Moses, son of Moses Belcher. 

May 14 " Thomas, son of Sam. Web. 

July 2 " Ester, dau. of James Puffer. 


Milton Church Ihcords. 15 

July 2, 1699. Nat. Wiet had a child baptized, his name was 

July 16 " Mary, dau. of Eben : Craine. 

July 23, 99. Ebenozar, son of Jonathan Badcock. 

Sept. 3, " Bulah, dau. of Sarah Sawyer and grand-dau. of 
father Hauton. 

Sept. 10 " Abigail, Dau. of Thomas, baptized by vertue of her 
Mother owning of y"" Covenant in Roxbury Chh. viz : Thomas Trots 

Sept. 17, 1G99. Anne, Dau. of Bro. Georg Sumner Juni"'. 

Dec. IT " Elizabeth, Dau. of Brother Feild. 

Jan. 1-4 " Isaiah, son of Timothy Crehore. 

^ Jan. 28, 1699. Mary, dau. of Neighbour Joseph Bent, was bap- 
tized by vertue of comunion of Chhes. hee being a child of Dcadham Chh 

Feb. 4, 1699 ''"°. Abigail, dau. of William Sumner. 

Feb. 25, " Aaron, son of Edward Blake. 

March3,lG99''°°. Hannah, dau. of Thomas Vose Juni°^ 

March 10, 1700. Jane, dau. of Brother Joseph Haughton. 

March 31, 1700. Thankfull, Dau. of Brother J. Trot; Elizabeth, 
Dau. of llenery Glover Juni"^ 

April 28, 1700. Abigail, Dau. of Bro. J. Wadsworth. 

May 26 " Sarah, Dau. of Sister Swinnerton and Grand- 

daughter of Leiu'. Sumner. 

June 9, 1700. Simon, son to Nat. Blake ; Eliazar, son of Nat. 
Wales ; Mary, Dau. of Ebenezar Warrin. 

July 7, 1700. Rebecca, Dau. of Benjamin Fenno. 

Dec. 8, " Susanna, Dau. of Nat. Pitcher. 

Dec. 15 " Abigail, Dau. of Sergant H. Vose. 

Dec. 29 " Abigail, Dau. of M^ S. Miller. ' 

March 2 " Martha, Dau. of Joseph Hunt. 

March 16, 1700. Subbia, Dau. of William Vose was baptized. Ilee 
owning y" Covenant, &c. 

March 30, 1701. John Thacher, my son, was baptized. April 20 
[?] 1701. Ebenezar, son of Mr. Sam. Web ; Bathshua Dau. of M' 
Benjamin Beal, hee owning the Covenant, &c. 

April 27, 1701. Martha, dau. of Bro. Joseph Haughton. 

May 4, 1701. Sims Langley, Joseph Swetland and Elizabeth 
Bailey were baptized. They joyning y'"s. to y'' Lord in a perpetuall 
Covenant, &c. 

May II, 1701. Jonathan Morgin joyned hims. to y^ Lord, &c. and 
was baptized. 

May 18, 1701. Benjamine, son of Mary Scot (dau. of John Daniel, 
she owning the Covenant, &c.) was Baptized. 

May 25, 1701. Hannah Collins joyned hers, to y" Lord, &c. aud 
was baptized. 

June 1, 1701. Josiah Hill Joyned hims. to y*' Lord in a perpetuall 
Covenant, &c. and was baptized. 

July 20, 1701. James, son of M'' Blin (who married Margaret Den- 
nis shee owning y'' Covenant) was baptized. 

Aug". 10, 1701. Margaret, My Indian Maid, Joyned hers, to y'^ 
Lord In a perpetuall Covenant, &c. and was baptized. 

Sept. 28, 1701. Joseph, son of Joseph Bent; Thomas, son of 
Thomas Trot. 

16 Milton CJmrch Records. 

Nov. 2, ITOl. Elizabeth, dau. of Bro. John Wadsworth. 

Nov. 30, 1701. Martha, dau. of Jonathan Badcock. 

Dec. 21, " William, son of Bro. Moses Belcher. 

Dec. 28, " Abigail, dau of John Vose (Hee owning y^ Cove- 
nant) was baptized. 

Jan. 18, 1702-1. Hannah, Dau. of Bro. Nat. Badcock; Mary, dau. 
of Edward Blake. 

Jan. 25, 1701-2. Elizabeth, dau. of Ebenezar Craine. 

March 8, 1702-1. Susanna, dau. of Bro. Ezra Clap, 

March 15, " Anna, dau. to James Badcock. 

March 29, 1702. Roger, son of William Sumner. 

April 12, 1702. David, son of Thomas Vose; Isaac, son of Isaac 
Gross ; Ebenezar, son of Ebenezar Warrin. 

April 26, 1702. Samuel, son of Thomas Glover. 

May 10, 1702. Mary, Dau. of Timothy Crehore. 

May 24, " Sarah, Dau of Solomon Horton. 

May 31, " Hepzibah, dau. of Nathaneel Gulliver, 

July 12, " ThankfuU,. dau. of Bro. Richard Smith. 

Aug^'. 16, " Miriam, dau. of John Puffer. 

Aug''. 23, " Richard, son to M''. Sarah Woody M' Holmans 
daughter, was baptized, she owning y*^ Covenant. 

Sept. 13, " Jerusha, Dau. to Bro. Nathaneel Vose. 

Sept. 20, " James, son of Bro. Nat. Blake. 

Oct. 11, " Mehitabell, Dau. of Bro. Stephen Craine. 

Nov. 15, " Mar}^, Dau. of Bro. George Sumner Juui"^ 

Nov. 22, " John, son of Benjamine Scot. 

Dec. 27, " Benjamine, son of M''. Benja : Beal. 

Jan. 10, 1702. John y*' son [The record for the rest of this j^ear, 
also for the year 1703, and a part of the year 1704, seems to be 

Oct. 15, 1704. John, son of Bro. John Trot; Abigail, dau. of M^ 
Benja. Beal ; Susanna, Dau, of Solomon Horton. 

Octo. 22, 1704. William, son of sergant Sumner. 

Nov. 5 " Joseph, son of Bro. Joseph Haughton. 

Nov. 5 " Anthony, son of Nathaneel Gulliver. 

Dec. 31 " Mary, Dau. of David Horton. 

Feb. II, 1704-5. Benjamine, son of M^ Sam. Webb. 

Feb. 18, " Hepsibah, Dau. of Ensigne Vose baptized Hephzi- 
bah ; William, son of Bro. William Sumner. 

July 22, 1705. Nathaneel, son of Ebenezar Sumner, 

July 29 " Joseph, son of Bro. Nat. Blake ; Grace, Dau. of 
Phillop Liscome. 

Aug'' 12, 1705. Edward, son of Ebenezar Craine. 

Aug'' 19, " Benjamine, son of Bro. Manassah Tucker. 

Aug" 26, " Rutli, Dau. of M"^ John Wadsworth ; Rachel, Dau. 
of Bro. Nat. Bent. 

Sept. 9, 1705. Joshua Atherton (Brother Anthony Gulliver's 
Grandson owning y*^ Covenant &c.) was baptized. 

Sept. 16, 1705. Abigail, dau. of Joseph Tucker. 

Nov. 4 " Mary, Dau. of Nathaneel Pitcher. 

Nov. 18 " Hepziba, Dau. of Bro. Timothy Crehore ; William, 
son of Bro. Joseph Swetland. 

January 6 " Joseph, son of M"" Millar. 

Milton Church IhxorJs. 17 

March 24, 1105-6. Jemima, dau. of M"" Beiijamine Fenno. 

Match 31, n06. Bcnjaniine Collins owiiino' y'^ Covenant and giuing 
up hims. to y" watch and discipline of tliis Clili. was baptized. 

April 14, 1706. Benjamine, son of Joseph Haughton. 

May 19, 1706. Elizabeth, my Grand-DaughteV, y'^ Dau. of Son 
Niles, was baptized. 

June 16, 1706. Jonathan, [sic] Dau. of Ebenezar Warrin. 

June 23, 1706. Miriam, Dau. of Nathanecl Vose. 

Aug"'. 25, 1706. Moses, son of Brother Edward Black; Peter, son 
of Neighbour Benjamine Scot. 

Nov. 3, 1706. Richard, son of Bro. Richard Smith. 

Nov. 10 " Mary, dau. of John Puffer. 

Nov. 17 " Elisha, son of Bro. Moses Belcher. 

Nov. 24 " Bathshua, dau. of neighbour John Vose. 

Dec. 8 " John, son of M'' John Ilolman ; Ilannah, dau. of 
M' Beal ; Rachel, dau. of David Horton. 

Dec. 29, 1706. Hannah, dau. of Solomon Horton. 

Feb. 2, 1706-7. Bulah, dau. of Ensign Vose. 

Feb. 16, 1706-7. Joseph Dean being admitted into full communion 
was Baptized. 

March 2, 1706-7. Hannah, dau. of Joseph Billings. 

March 16, " Thomas, son of Thomas Vose. 

March 23, 1706-7. Deliverance, Dau. of Bro. Joseph Trot. 

April 13, 1707. Susanna, dau. of Sergant George Sumner. 

May 4, " Hannah, Dau. of Brother Crehore ; Jonathan, son 
of Joseph Swetland. 

June 1, 1707. Henery, son of Henery Glover. 

June 22, " Preserued, son of Joseph Tucker. 

June 29 " Jonathan, son of Brother Wheeler. 

July 6 " Gershome, son of Brother William Sumner. 

July 20 " David and Jonathan, Twin sons of Bro. Nat. Black. 

July 27 " Sarah, Dau. of M' Gilbert Endicot ; Hepzibah, dau. 
of William Vose. 

Aug" 10, 1707. Benjamine, son of John Davenport. 

Sept. 7 " Jonathan (son of son Gulliver), my first grand son, 
was baptized. 

Sept. 21 " Sabiah, Dau. of Benjamine Sumner (he owning 
y*^ Covenant), was baptized. 

Octo. 26, 1707. Edward, son of Bro. Edward Adams. 

Dec. 7, " Benjamine, son of M"" John Wadsworth ; William, 
son of Ebenezar Tucker, Grandson to Manassah Tucker. 

Dec. 14, 1707. Abi [ ], Dau. of Brother Eels. 

Jan. 4,1707-8. Elijah, son of Nat. Vose. 

Jan. 18, 1707-8. Elisabeth, Dau. of Joseph Bent. 

Feb. 22 " Experience, Dau. of Thomas Toleman. 

March 14, " Mehitabel, Dau. of M^ Samuel Miller. 

March 28, " Mary, Dau. of George Talbut. 

April 4, 1708. Ebenezar, son of Ebenezar Sumner (Deacon Roger 
Sumners grandchild) was baptized. 

April 11, 1708. Charity, Dau. of Phillip Liscum. 

June 6, " Lidea Denmark, m}^ servant, was baptized, she 
Entring into Covenant, &c. 

18 . Mil ton CJiurcli Records. 

June 27, 1108. John and Catharine Ilichborne, children of Sarah 

Aug^'29, " Esther, Dan. of Bro. William Sumner. 

Sept. 19, " John, son of M' Mos ; Hannah, Dau. of Ebenezer 
Warrin ; Elisabeth, Dau. ofEastee. 

Octo. 11, 1108. Brimsmead, son of M'' Joseph Hunt. 

Octo. 11, " JMara, dau. of Isaac Gross. 

Dec. 12, 1108. Seth, son of Ebenezar Tucker {j^ grandchild of 
My James Tucker), was baptized. 

Dec. 19, 1108. Anna, Dau. of Solomon Horton ; Sarah, Dau. of 
John Badcock (he owning y" Covenant), was baptized. 

Jan. '1, 1108. Abigail, Dau. of James Tucker Junior. 

Abigail and Sarah, Daughters of Edward Black, twins, were baptiz- 
ed Jan. 30, 1108. 

Feb. 21, 1108-9. Elisabeth, dau. of David Ilauton. 

March 6, 1108. John, son of Edward Adams. 

April 24, 1109. Anna, Dau. of M' John Ilolman ; Mary, dau. of 
M'" Benjamine Beal. 

June 19, 1109. Joseph, son of Brother Joseph Billings. 

July 3 " Elizabeth, dau. of Sargant George Sumner Junior. 

July 10 " Waitstill Williston, grand-dau. of Brother Sam: 

July 11 " Dorathy (Dau. of John Daniel Juni" he renewing 
his Covenant), was baptized. 

Aug" 14 " Jonathan, son of Joseph Swetland. 

Octo. 30 " Benjamine, son of Brother Smith. 

Sept. 18 " Naoini, dau. of Philip Liscome. 

Sept. 25 " Jemima, Dau. of Sergant T. Vose ; Edward, sou 
of John Vose. 

Nov. 21 " Benjamine, son of Benjamine Sumner. 

Dec. 11 " Mary, dau. of Brother Moses Belcher. 

Feb. 12, 1109-10. Grace, Dau. of Mr John Wadsworth. 

Feb. 19, " Thomas, son of Mr Samuel Swift (he owning y* 
Covenant, &c.), was Baptized. 

March 5, 1109-10. Ebenezar, son of William Yose ; Edward and 
Abigail, Children of Bro. Eiles. 

March 12, 1109-10. Dasiel, son of George Talbut. 

April 23. 1110. Sarah, Dau. of Bro. Joseph Bent. 

May 21, " Jededia, son of Bro. Crehore ; Thomas, son of 
Ebenezar Craine ; Wait still, Dau. of Brother Ebenezar Tucker Juni''^ 

June 25, 1110. Millatiah, dau. of Nat. Vose. 

July 2, " Hannah, dau. of James Puffer ; Abigail, dau. of 
Mr Benjamine Fenno. 

Aug" 6, 1110. Abigail, Dau. of Mr Thomas Holman was baptized 
Upon his owning y*^ Covenant. 

Octo. 1, 1110. James, .son of James Tucker Juni'^'; Experience, 
Dau. of Ebenezar Tucker and grandchild to Brother J. T. seni''^ 

Nov. 5, 1110. Elijah, son of Capt. Gulliver (my grand-son) was 

Nov. 26, " John, son of Mr John Badcock. 
Dec. 11, " Seth, son of Brother William Sumner. 
Feb. 18, 1110-11. Mehitabel, Dau. of Brother Ebenezar Sumner 
(Deacon Roger Sumners son) was baptized. 

March 4, 1110-11, Walter, son of George Everenden. 

Milton C/iiach Records. 19 

March 4, lTlO-11. Mary, Dau. of Mr Robert Feild Juni°^ 
March 18, " Martha, Dau. of Brother Edward Bhick. 
March 25, 1711. Enoch, son of David Ilorton. 
April 1, nil. Thankful), dau of Ebenezar Warrin. 
April 22, " John, son of John Daniel, Juni"'. 
April 29, " Solomon, sou of Mr Ilersy ; Sarah, dau. of Mr 
Samuel Swift. 

May 27, 1711. Hester, Dau. of Solomon Ilorton. 
June 24 " Rachel, dau. of Brother Edward Adams. 
July 22 " Mary, Dau. of Bro. Nat. Badcock Junior. 
Aug". 5 " Marg-aret, Dau. of Mr Jolin ILolman. 

Aug''. 12 " Mind-well, Dau. of Joseph Tncker. 

Aug*'. 19, 1711. Elizabeth, Dau. of Neig-hbour Liscoine. 

" 26 " Mary, dau. of Mr Joseph Hunt. 
Sept. 9 " Benjamine, son of Brother Joseph Billings ; Solo 
mon, son of Brother Wheeler. 

March 2, 1711-12. Joseph, son of Mr John Wadsworth. 
March 16 " Josiah, son of George Sumner Junior ; Ruth [sic] 
son of Preserued Lion (He laj'ing- hold on y*^ Covenant, &c.) was 

April 20, 1712. Joseph, son of Benjamine Sumner. 
April 27 " Ebenezar, son of Bro. J. Bent. 
May 4 " Hannah, Dau. of George Talbnt. 
July 13 " Benjamine, son of Thomas Trot. 
Aug'^'. 31 " Sergant Thomas Vose his Daughter Kezeiah was 
baptized; Anna, Dau. of Mr Samuel Swift; Isaiah, sou of Ebenezar 
Tucker, grandson of Ensigne Ma: Tucker. 

Sept. 7, 1712. Edward, son of William Vose. 

Sept. 21 " Jededia, son of Ebenezar Tucker (Bro. James 
Tuckers Grandson). 

Octo. 26, 1712. Benjamine, sou of Ebenezer Crane ; Elihu, Ketura, 
and Abigaile y" children of William Crane (who owned y" Covemmt, 
&c.) were baptized. 

Nov. 9,1712. Sarah, Dau. of Bro. Joseph Billings. 
Jan. 4, 1712-13. Jeremiah, son of Bro. James Tucker Juni"'. 
March 15 " Hannah, Dau. of M^ Miller. 
March 22 " Au, Dau. of Bro. Nat. Badcock Junior. 
March 29, 1713. Benjamine, son of David Horton. 
April 26 " Jerusha, Dau. of M'' Benjamine Fenno ; Ellonar, 
Dau. of M' John Daniel Juni™. 

May 10, 1713. Betty Natahant (y' lived with Bro. Moses Belcher 
Entrecl into Covenant with God and this Chh. May 3, 1713, and gauc 
up herself to y^ watch aud discipline of y"" Chh. and was rec'' by y*^ vote 
ofy'' Chh. at that time) y' day baptized. 

May 17, 1713. John, son of George Everenden. 
June 7, " Ebenezar, son of Brother Timothy Crehore. 
July 19 " Hannah, Dau. of M"" John Badcock. 
July 26 " Jezaniah, son of Ebenezar Sumner. 
Aug"' 9 " Annah, dau. of M"" Robert Feild Juni"'. 
September 20. Hannah, dau. of William Badcock (He owning the 
Covenant, &c.) was baptized. 

Octo. 4, 1713. Mary, Dau. of M"" John Ilolman ; Seth, son of 
Brother Edward Adams. 

20 Milton CJiiarh Records. 

Oct().25, 1713. Ilepzibali, Dau. of Neighbour Timothy Crehore 
Junior (He owning y*' Covenant) was baptized; Solomon, son of 
Solomon Ilorton. 

Nov. 15, 1713. Hannah, Dau. of M"" Thomas Holroan. 

Feb. 28, 1713-4. Ebenezar, son of Brother Moses Belcher. 

March 7, " Abijah, son of Benjaniine Sumner. 

March 21 " Patience, dau. of M'' Samuel Swift, 

April 25, 1714. Susanna, dau. of M"" John Vose. 

June 13, " Rachel, dau. of M' Hersy. 

July 18 " Hannah, dau. of M"" Samuel Holman laid hold of y* 
Covenant, &c. and so was baptized. 

July 18 " Jeiusha, Dau. of Preserved Lion. 

August 15 " Susannah, Dau. of Ebenezar Warrin. 

Sept. 26 " Esther, dau. of William Craine. 

Octo. 17 " Experience, Dau. of Bro: Joseph Bent. 

Octo. 24 " Margeret, Dau. of M'' John Wadsworth ; George, 
son of Bro. George Talbut. 

Nov. 7, 1714. Richard, son of James Murch. 

Dec. 5, 1714. Peter, son of M' Oxenbridge Thacher, my grand- 
son was baptized. 

Jan. 2, 1714-5. Joseph, son of M' Robert Field Junior. 

Jan. 9 " Abijah, son of M'' Ebenezar Crane. 

Feb. 20, 1715-4. John, son of Thomas Eeles. 

March 6, " Ebenezar, son of David Horton, 

March 27 " Patience, Dau. of M"" Joseph Billings; Jane, dau. 
of Bro: Ebenezar Tucker. 

May 1, 1715. Hannah and Bida, twin Daughters of M*" Nathaneel 
Gulliver; E])enezar, son of M"' Nathaneel Badcock Junio"'. 

May 29 " Naomi, Dau. of John Tailor and Naomi Tailor, 
alias Jordon. 

June 5 " Sai'ah, Dau. of Bro. James Tucker Juni°^ 

June 12 " Samuel, son of M'' Samuel Swift. 

July 17 " Hannah, Dau. of Brother Timothy Crehore Junior. 

July 24 " Elizabeth, Dau. of M"^ Moses Belcher. 

Aug"' 14 " Sarah, Dau. of M"" Recompence Wadsworth. 

Sep" 18 " John Gulliver, son of M'' Sam. G. 

Sep"^ 25 " Ruth, Dau. of M'' John Holman. 

Octo. 9 " Simeon, son of Solomon Horton. 

Jan. 22 " Susanna, Dau. of M' John Glover (y' maried my 
wifes kinswoman) He acknowledging and owning y*" Covenant, &c. 
was baptized. 

Feb. 26, 1715-6. ThankfuU, Dau. of M" Ebenezar Sumner. 

April 1, 1716. Nathan, son of Brother Edward Adams. 

May 27 " Nathan, son of M" William Badcock. 

July 8 " ThankfuU, Dau. of Brother Joseph Bent. 

July 29 " Dorathy, Dau. of Brother Ebenezar Tucker (M"' 
James Tuckers grandchild) was baptized. 

Sep"" 2, 1716. Ann, Dau. of M"" Roy was baptized (He owning y^ 
Covenant, &c.); Hannah, Dau. of M'' John Wadsworth. 

Octo. 7, 1716. Waitstil, Dau. of M"" Ezra Clap Juni"-- was baptized 
Upon his renewing of y'' Covenant, &c. 

Octo. 21, 1716. Joseph, son of M"" John Badcock. 

Milton Church Records. 21 

Nov. 11, 1T16. George, son of M' Nathaneel Badcock.Juni"'' ; [lan- 
nah, Dau. of M' George Badcock (lie owning y'= Covenant, &c. was 

Dec. 9, 1716. Ebcnczar, son of M' Samuel Swift. 

Jan. 6, lTlT-6. David, son of M' Bonjannnc Sumner. 

Jan. 13, " Benjamiue, son of Ebenezar Warrin. 

Feb. 3, 1716-7. George, son of Brother Preserued Lion. 

March 3, 1716-7. Peter, son of Brother George Talbut. 

March 17 " Samuel, son of M'' Benjamine Fenno. 

April 14, 1717. Ebenezar, sou of M^ Robert Feild Juni". 

April 21, " Esther, Dau. of Brother Ebenezar Tucker Juni°', 

Juno 2, " Katheriue, Dau. of Neighbour Liscura. 

June 9, " M" Elizabeth and M" Sarah Gulliver were baptized; 
Joseph, son of David Horton. 

July 28 " Elizabeth, Dau. of Timothy Crehore Juni°^ 

August 11 " Lidea, Dau. of M"" Nehemiah Clap. 

Sept. 1 " Judith, Dau. of Brother Eeles. 

Sept. 22* " William, son of M"" Joseph Billings; Daniel, son of 
M"" James Tucker Junior. 

Nov, 24, 1717. Mary Gold, Anne and Miriam Peirce laid hold on 
y*^ Covenant &c. and were baptized. 

Jan. 20, 1717-8. Seth, son of M' Thomas Vose. 

Feb. 9, 1717-8. Patience, Dau. of M"^ Samuel Swift. 

March 2,1717-8. Mary, Dau. of M'' Eecompence Wadsworth. 

March 9, 1717-8. William, son of M" William Badcock; Daniel, son 
of M"' Edward Adams. 

April 13, 1718. Experience, Dau. of M' Ezra Clap ; Abigail, Dau. 
of M"' George Badcock. 

April 21, 1718. John, son of M"" John Glover was baptized, Cousen 
Susanna Glovers son. 

May 4, 1718. Isaac, son of Ebenezar Tucker seni*"" ; Sarah, Dau. 
of Thomas Gold ; Hannah, Dau. of Betty Hunter. 

May 25, 1718. Ebenezar, son of M"" John Wadsworth ; Ann, Dau. 
of M"" Preserued Lion. 

June 1, 1718. John, son of M"" Samuel Miller. 

Aug"' 24, " William, son of M'' William Yose, deceased. 

Aug'' 31 " Benjamine, son of Eleazar Puffer. 

Octo. 12 " Jerusha, Dau. of Cap'. Gulliver by my Daughter 
was baptized. 

Nov. 2,1718. Margaret y'* Dau. of Tabitha Crane M' Ebenezar 
Cranes Grandchild was baptized (y* Mother made her peace with 
the Chh. 

Nov. 9,1718. Abigail, Dau. of M' Georg Sumner; Mebitabel, 
Dau. of M' Moses Belcher. 

Nov. 16 " Thomas, son of M'' Thomas Holman. 

Dec. 28 " Sarah, Dau. of M'"' Elizabeth Mountgomery M-" Har- 
sey Grand-Daughter was baptized. 

Feb. 1, 1718-9. Hagar my Negro woman made her confession of 
her sin of fornication and Entred into Covenant with God and came 
vnder y*^ Watch and discipline of this Chh. and so was baptized ; and 
her Children Sambo and Jimme were baptized at y*^ same time. 

April 19, 1719. Mary, Dau. of M"" Samuel Gulliver. 

May 10, 1719. Daniel, son to Benjamine Sumner. 

22 Milton Church Records. 

June 21, ni9. Anne, Dau. of M'William Rawson. 

July 5 " Nathaneel, son of Nathaneel Badcock Juni"", De- 

July 12 " Samuel, son of James Tucker. 

Aug'' 9 " Stephen, son of M' John Badcock. 

Aug'' 23 " Susanna, Dau. of Brother Ebenezar Tucker (Deacon 
Manassah Tuckers grand-daughter) was baptized. 

Aug'* 30 " Nathaneel, son of M' John Daniel; Sarah, Dau. of 
Brother George Talbut. 

Sep"" 13, " Ezra, son of M"" Nehemiah Clap. 

Sep'' 20 " Ebenezar, son of M"" Joseph Billings and Mehittable 
y« Dau. of M' Robert Feild. 

Sep'' 27 " Nathaneel, son of Ensigne Samuel Swift. 

Octo. 4 " Samuel, son of M' Samuel Tucker. 

Octo. 25 " Thankfull, Dau. of David Ilorton. 

Nov. 1 " Edward, son of Edward Glover. 

Dec. 6 " Silence, Dau. of John Gulliver Junior. 

Jan. 10 " Patience, Dau. of M"". George Badcock.* 

Jan. 17 " Anne, Dau. of M'' John Gulliver (Capt. Gullivers 
son in law) was baptized. 

Feb. 7, 1719-20. Ruth, Dau. of M^ Timothy Crehore Juni^^ 

March 6, 1719-20. Jonathan Chanler Junior laid hold on y^ Cove- 
nant, &c. and so was baptized. 

March 27, 1720. David, son of M'' Recompence Wadsworth. 

April 3, 1720. Stephen, son of M'' Roy. ^ 

May 22, 1720. Stephen, son of M"" Stephen Badlambe was bap- 
tized (He owning y*^ Covenant, &c. 

June 5, 1720. Joseph, son of John Glover was baptized (our kins- 
womans son.) 

July 10, " Lidea, Dau. of M"' Preserued Lion. 

July 24 " Samuel, son of Deacon John Wadsworth. 

Aug'* 7 " Susanna, Dau. of M"" William Badcock, 

Aug" 14 " Patience, Dau. of M' Edward Adams. 

Sep*' 25 " Rebecca, Dau. of M'' Ebenezar Tucker (M' James 
T. son) was baptized. 

Octo. IG, 1720. Esther, Dau. of M' Ephraim Tucker Junior was bap- 
tized. He owning the Covenant, &c. 

Jan. 1, 1720-21. Robert, son of M'' Robert Feild. 

Feb. 5 " John, son of Ensigne Sam. Swift. 

Feb. 26 " Joshua, son of Nathanael How. 

April 2, 1721. Susannah, Dau. of M' George Wadsworth was 

April 16, " Timothy, son of M"" James Tucker. 

April 23 " Ruth, Dau. of Ensigne William Billing. 

June 11 " Thomas and Martha twins, children to Neighbour 

Thomas Pickins were baptized. 

July 2 " Hannah, Dau. of Edward Glover. 

July 9 " Elizabeth, Dau. of M' Ebenezar Clap was baptized 

(He owning y^ Covenant, &c.) 

Aug'' 6 " Elijah, son of Ezra Clap. 

Sep' 10 " William and Richard Peirce, sons of M' William 

Peirce of Milton were baptized thej laying hold on y'' Covenant, &c. 

Octo. 8, 1721. Jerusha, dau. of George Talbut. 

MUton Church Records. 23 

Octo. 22, 1721. Natlianecl, son of M' Sam: Wadsworth. 
Dec. o, " Othiiiel, son of M"" Robert Vose was baptized (y^ 

father owning the Covenant) ; Martha, Dan. of David Ilorton. 

Dec. 10, 1721. Hannah, Dau. of ]\r Preserued Lion ;^ Sarah, Dau. 
of M"" Noah Dammon. 

January 28, 1721. Ilannali, Dau. of M' George Badcock. 
March 11, 1721-2. William, son of M"" Sam: Durant. Hannah, Dau. 
of M' Nehemiah Clap ; Ilagar, Dau. of our Xegro woman, was baptiz- 
ed, all three the same Evening. 

April 8, 1722. Ephraim, son of M' Ephraim Tucker Junior was 
baptized; Deborah, Dau. of M' Nathanael Houghton; Ann, Dau. of 
James Miller (that came from Ireland) was baptized by virtue of 
Comunion of Chhes. 

May 6, 1722. Jane, dau. of M' Sam: Gulliver; Samuel, son of 
M'' Benjamine Sumner. 

May 27 " Ruth, Dau. of M' Nathanael Vose Junior was 

baptized he owning the Covenant. 

June 3 " John, son of M"" Joseph Billings. 

July 22 " Mary, Dau. of M"" Ebenezar Tucker 

Aug*' 5 " Elizabeth, Dau. of M"" William Peirce Seni"' was 

baptized she owning y*^ Covenant, &c. 

Aug" 5 " Lidea, dau. of William Tompson was baptized by 

vertue of communion of Chhes. 

Sep"" 9_ " John Mac'kee, son of Mr. Robert Mac'kee ; the 
father owning y"^ Covenant, &c. y*" son was baptised. 

Sep'^ 16, 1722. Lidea, Dau. of M"' William Badcock; James, son 
of [ ] Harper was baptized by vertue of communion of Chhes, y^ 
Mother was a communicant of a presbeterian Chh. In Ireland. 
Nov. 11, 1722. Abigail, Dau. of Ensigne Samuel Swift. 
Dec. 2, " Rebecca, Dau. of M"- Sam: Tucker ; Waitstil, Dau. 
of M' Robert Vose ; Elizabeth, Dau. of Ebenezar Houghton. 

Dec. 30 " Jerusha, Dau. of M' John Glover (y' maried my 
wifes Kinswoman) was baptized ; M' Henry Withertons son Joseph 
(he owning y'' Covenant, &c.) was baptized. 

Jan. 20, 1722-3. Susanna, Dau. of M^ John Daniel. 
Feb. 17, 172f. Esther, Dau. of M' George Wadsworth; Judith, 
Dau. of M'' Mary Stimpson. 

March 10, 1722-3. James, son of M-- Robert Feild ; Ruth, Dau. of 
Moses Heiden (he laying hold on y*" Covenant, &c.) was baptized. 
March 31, 1723. Mary, Dau. of Edward Glover. 
April 7, 1723. Edward, son of Mr. Pelatiah Rawson. 
April 28, " Ebenezar, son of M"" James Tucker. 
May 19 " John Redman aboue 70 years old was ba2')tized upon 
his sollemne Entring into Covenant with God and this Chh. submitting 
himselfe to y" watch and discipline ; Noah, son of M' Noah Daman ; 
Ebenezar, son of M' Samuel Durant. 

May 26, 1723. Mary, Dau. of M'' Preserued Lion. 
June 2, 1723. Hannah, Dau. of Neighbour Jenimeson. 
June 9, " Joseph, son of M' [ ] Daman was baptized his 
mother was in full communion with y" Chh. in Deadham. 

June 23, 1723. John, Samuel and Abijah y'' sons of John Smith 
(their Mother owning y" Covenant and giuing Up herselfe and hers 
to y'= watch of y'^ Chh.) were baptized. 

24 Milton Clturch Records. 

July 21, n23. Rebecca, Dau. of M"- John ShcpercL 

September 1, 1*^23. Elizabeth, Dau. of John Smith. 

Sep"" 8 " Samuel, son of M'' Samuel Henshaw. 

Octo. 20 " Robert, son of M*" Robert Vose ; Submitt, 

Dau. of Ilagar our Woman servant was baptized. 

Dec. 15, 1723. Leveret, sun of Nathanael Hubbard Esq. 

Dec. 29 " Mary, Dau. of M' Georg Badcock ; Ruth, Dau. of 
M"^ David Ilorton ; Martha, Dau. of neighbour Delap. 

Jan. 19, 1723-24. Jerusha, dau. of M' Nathaneel Vose Junior. 

Feb. 23, " Lancelet Peirce, son of M' William Peirce. 

Feb. 23 " Mary, Dau. of M'' Ephraim Tucker Junior. 

March 1, 1723-4. Joseph, son of M'' Benjamin Crain (he owning y® 
Covenant) was Baptized. 

April 19, 1724, Stephen, son of M'' Nehemiah Clap. 

May 3, 1724. Prudence Wier was baptized she Entring into Cov- 
enant with God &c. 

June 28, 1724. Eliot, son of M'' Pelatiah Rawson ; Samuel, son of 
James Miller (that came from Ireland) was baptized. 

July 26,1724. Sarah Joanes, wife of neighbour James Joanes was 
baptized (he Entring into covenant with God and this Chh.) and Mary, 
Elijah and ThankfuU her children were baptized. 

Aug'' 9, 1724. Ann, Dau. of M'" William Badcock. 

Aug. 23 " Abigail, Dau. of M'' Bcnjamine Fenno, Junior. 

Aug'' 30, " Seth, son of M' Seth Gulliver. 

Octo. 25, " Martha, dau. of M' Ebenezar Houghton. 

Nov. 15, 1725. (sic) Joanna, dau. of M' Preserved Lion. 

Nov. 22, 1724. Hopestill, son of M"- Robert Feild. 

Dec. 20, " Ruth, Dau. of Georg Wadsworth. 

Dec. 27, " Bethel, son of M'- Blair. 

Jan. 17, 1724-5. Nathaniel, son of Simon Black was baptized. He 
owning the Covenant &c. 

Feb. 20, 1724-5. Ruhamah, dau. of M' Joseph Billings. 

Feb. 28, " Benjamin, son of M'' Benjamin Sumner, 

April 4, 1725. James, son of James Joanes. 

April 25, " Nathaneel, son of M"" Samuel Tucker. 

May 2, " Elizabeth, Dau. of Paul Davis was baptized (he 
owning y'^ Covenant). 

June 6 " Ebenezar, son of Ensign Samuel Swiff, Mehitabel, 
Dau. of M"" John Crehore. 

June 6, 1725. Robert Swan, son of M"" Robert Swan. 

Aug'' 8 " Mary, Dau. of M'' John Shepard. 

Sep"" 12 " Moses Hayden, son of Moses 4Iayden. 

Sep'' 26 " Nathaneel, son of M' John Glover. 

Octo. 3 " Manasseh, son of M'" Ezra Clap. 

Octo. 10 " Henry, son of M'' Robert Vose. 

Octo. 24 " Sarah, Dau. of M' Henry Withinton. 

Nov. 27, " Katherine, Dau. of M'' Georg Badcock; John, son 
of M"^ Nathanael Vose Junior. 

Dec. 4, 1725. Samuel, son of M"' Sam: Miller Junior. 

Jan. 9, " Sarah White (M' Peter White's Daughter) was 
baptized she laying hold on y*^ Covenant, &c, 

Jan. 30, 1725-6. Jonathan, son of M'' Durant. 

Feb, 6, 1725-6. John, son of M'' Edward Glover. 

MUton Church Records. 25 

Feb. 20, 1V25-G. John, son of M^ Roger Sumner. 

Feb. 27 " Mehittabel, Dau. of J\r David Yoso was baptized 
(he owning' j" Covenant.) 

Marcli 27, 1 726. Elizabetli, Dan. of W Pellatiah Kawson. 

April 10, 1726. Paul and Anna, Children of AP Paul Davis. 

April 17 " Abigail, Dau. of M"" Sam: Davenport. 

April 24 " Hannah, Dau. ofM''Ephraim Tucker Junior. 

May 1, 1726. John, son of M"" Timothy Tolenjan. 

May 15 " Samuel, son of Sarah VVithcrsbee. 

June 11 " Joseph, son of M'' Nehcmiah Clap. 

June 26 " Enoch, son of M'' William Badcock ; Lidea, Dan. 

of M' Georg Wadswoith. 

July 3 " Abigail, Dau. of M"" Preseruod Lion. 

July 17 " Ebenezar, son of James Endicot, was baptized he 

owning y'= Covenant. 

July 24, 1726. Dorathy, Dan. of Eliazer Puffer. 

Aug^' 14 " Benjamin, son of M'' Benjamin Fenno Junior. 

August21 " Elijah, son of M'' Ruth Everenden Juni'"'(who was 
taken into full conjmunion with our Church) was baptized. 

Sep"" 4, 1726. Amariah, son of M' Georg Sumner Junior (he own- 
ing y*^ Covenant) was baptized. 

Sep' 11, 1726. Joseph, son of AL' Nathanecl Houghton. 

Octo. 2 " Efijah, son of M^Seth Gulliver. 

Nov. 20 " Elizabeth, Dan. of ]\P Ebenezar Clap. 

Dec. 11 " Josiah, son of M' John Glover. 

January 1, 1726-7. Ebenezar, son of M'' Ebenezar Houghton. 

Jan, 15, 1726-7. Thomas, son of M'" Silas Crane. 

Jan. 29, " Mary, Dan. of M'' Benjamin Crane. 

Feb. 19 " Rebecca, Dau. of M'' Moses Billing was baptized 
and w*^ own y'^ Covenant tho' his wife was in full communion and did 
so ; M"" Ralph Sheperd owned y« Covenant and had his Daughter Sarah 
baptized at y*^ same time. 

April 30, 1727. Mary Miller owned y"^ Covenant, &c. and was bap- 

May 7, " Stephen, son of M'' Samuel Miller Junior ; Lemuel, 
son of M' Joseph Bent, Juni"'; Esther, Dau. of M' Joseph Hunt was 
baptized. These two last parents owned the Covenant and gaue up 
themselues and theirs to God and to the watch and discipline of tliisChh. 

May 24, 1727. I was at a fast at Stougliton and preached in y® 
Afternoon (being desired) I baptized to Children. One was M' Subal 
Wintworths y*^ smith, his name was James, y" otlier was William Son 
to Joseph Smith. 

May 28, 1727. Thomas son of M' Noah Damman ; Bettee, Dau. of 
Bettee Hunter. 

June 4, 1727. Jemima, Dau. of M"" Wadland. 

June, 1727. Content Marah was baptized Hannah she request- 
ing that her name might be changed. 

June 25, 1727. John, son of M' Adams Juni""" was baptized (He 
owning y'' Covenant &c.) 

July 2, 1727. Jeremiah, son of M'" Jeremiah Belcher. 

July 16 " John, son of M"" John Gulliver. 

Sep"' 17, " Mary, Dau. of M'' John Fenno was baptized. M' 

Joseph Billings Grand-Daughter. 

26 Milton Church Records. 

Octo. 1, 1727. M' John Puffer Juni'"' owned y'= Covenant and came 
vnder y* watch and Discipline of y' Chh. and had his Daugh. Hannah 
Baptized ; Samuel, son of M' Samuel Andrews was baptized. 

Ucto. 8, 1727. Experience Peirce was baptized she owning y^ 
Covenant and giuing up herself and hers to the watch and discipline 
of y*" Chh. ; Abigail, Dau. of M"' Samuel Kinsley was baptized. 

Octo. 22, 1727. Jedadia, son of M'' Timothy Crehore, Junior; Abi- 
gail, Dau. of M' Roger Sumner. 

Nov, 19, 1727. Benjamine, son of M"" Benjamin Everenden. 

Dec. 10 " George, son of M'' Georg Badcock ; William, son 
of M' William Peirce. 

The Rev*^ M*" Peter Thacher (after about 46' years eminent service 
in the Ministerial office in the Town of Milton) died on y'' 17"" of Dec" 
1727. Blessed are the dead y' die in the Lord. 

John Taylor was ordain'd Pastor of the Church in Milton, Nov"^ 13, 

[Admissions to the Church.] 

Jan. 19, 1728-9. M"' Ebenezer Houghton and Sarah his Wife, Ste- 
phen Davenport, John Adams, Ann Swift the Wife of Sam' Swift, and 
M"'^ Waitstill Tucker were admitted into full Coliiunion. 

Jan. 26, 1728-9. Ebenezer Sumner Jun'' and his sister Rebeckah. 

March 9, " John Glover and Mary his Wife, David Coplan and 
Elisabeth his Wife, and Elisabeth, Wife of John Smith. 

April 20, 1728-9. Anthony Gulliver and Abigail Crane the Wife,of 
Benjamin Crane ; Eunice the Wife of Hezekiah Barber. 

June 1, 1728-9. Elisabeth the Wife of John Bent ; Hannah the Wife 
of William Blake being dismis'd from the Church of Dorchester was 
taken under the Watch of y*" Church of Milton. 

July 13, 1728-9. William Tucker and Rachel his Wife. 

Oct. 5 " Esther Hunt Wife of Joseph Hunt. 

Nov. 16 ■ " Mai-garet and Hannah, Daughters to Deacon John 

Milton Dec'' 2*^ 1733, Mess''^ Timothy. Crehpre Jun"" and Nehemiah 
Clap were chosen Deacons. 

At a Church Meeting May 13, 1734. 

Voted, That the Deacons be desired to let out, on usual. Legal, 
Interest, the Money which is in their Hands, belonging to y*" Church 
being the Sum of P'ifty Pounds. 

Voted, That the Deacons be desired to provide good Canary Wine 
for the Coiiiunion Table, for the future. 

Dec-" 29, 1728. Thomas Cradock own'd the Cov' and had his Child 

May 11, 1729. William Sumner Jun'' owned y<= Cov'. 

July 13, " George l^ickmore own'd y*^ Cov'. 

Sep. 21 " Edward Blake Jun"" own'd y"^ Cov'. 

June 21, 1730. Nathaniel Blake own'd y*^ Cov*. 

Sept. 20 " Elijah Vose. 

Oct. 25 " Peter Stone own'd y" Cov', 

Mar. 7, 1731. Jonathan Vose. 

Oct. 31, " Moses Blake own'd the Gov'. 

3IiIton Church Records. 27 

Jan. 30, 1131-2. David Horton Jut/. 

June 12, 1732. Tcter White and Rachel his Wife. 

Sep. 3 " John Daniel Jun''. 

Sept. 17 " Benjamiu (sometimes call'd Dollock.) 

Feb. 18, 1732-3. Brimsmead Hunt; Joseph Pain owii'd y*= Gov' and 
had his Child bap^ 

Aug' 5'^ James Andrews. 

" 19 Cffisar a Servant of Deaco" Wadsworth. 

Nov. 18"' Keziah, wife of William Smith. 

1T34. July 21. Thomas Vose. 
Nov. 24. Samuel Glover. 

June 22, 1735. John Badcock. 

July 13, " Seth Sumner. 

Dec. 12, 1736. Edward Vose. 

Ap. 24, 1737. Ebenezer French. 

July 9, 1738. Hannah Callug-han. 

Sep. 24, " Rachel Wife of W" Salmon. • 

Feb. 18, 1738-9. Joseph Dyer. 

Ap. 15 Allice, Amaziah and Mary, 3 Eldest Children of 

Ebenezer Knight. 

May 27 " Abijah Crane. 

Feb. 3, 1739-40. Benjamin Horton. 

Mar. 16 Jeremiah Tucker. 

April 27 Samuel Durant. 

June 15 AV"' Crouch. 

May 17, 1741. Berry Negro Man serv' to Sam" Miller. 

June 21 " John Eels own'd the Covenant and Mehittabel 
Wife of Ebenez: Horton. 

July 5, " Robin a Negro serv' of Sam' Miller Esq'. 
12 " John Marshall. 

Jany26 " Thomas Swift. 

Feb. 14 " Nathan Badcock. 

July 18, 1742. Thomas Cummins, 

Aug. 29 " Sue a Negro scrv' of Sam' Tucker. 

Dec. 3''. Ruth, Wife of Peter Daset. 

Aug. 7, 1743. Ebenezer Scot. 

Sep. 11, " Abigail Cole Wife of John Cole. 

Feb. 11, 1743-4. Samuel Henshaw Jun^ 

April 22 " Allice Horton Wife of Joseph Horton. 

Aug. 18, 1745. Samuel Fenno. 

Nov. 10 " William Cunningham. 

Aug. 31, 1746. Ruth Haden Daughter of Moses Haden. 

Feb. 15, " John Vose. 

March 8, " Josiah Sumner. 

April 26, 1747. Robert Vose Jun'. 

Aug. 2, Ebenezer Swift. 

Jan. 24, 1747-8. Enoch Horton. 

A Record of the Baptisms administred by neighbouring Pastors 
between the Death of the Rev'' Mr. Thacher and the settlement of M' 

Eo'' r Feb. 11, 1727-8. Abigail Daughter of John Billings. 

p' M' J Hepzibah Daughter of Sam' Wadsworth. 

Hancock of] George son of John Smith. 

Braintree. [ Abigail Daughter of Robert Vose. 

28 Milton Church Records. 

Here follows a Record of the Baptisms administered by Rev. John 

Decern'' S"" 1728. Edmund son of Joshua Andrews whose Wife was 
in full Coiaiunion with the Church at Newtown. 

Dec. 29, 1T28. Ann the Daughter of Thomas Cradock, by virtue 
of his owning the Gov'. 

Dec. 29. Elisabeth Daughter of Benjamin Everenden. 

Peres son of Peres Bradford. 

Elislia son of John Glover Dorcli: 

Judith Daughter of Nehemiah Clap. 

Ralph, son of Ebenezer Houghton. 
129. William, son of Robert Vose. 

Miriam, Daughter of Nath^ Vose Jun^ 

Jonathan, son of Seth Gulliver. 

Hannah, Daughter of Caleb Hearsy ; John son of Wil- 
liam Sumner Jun"'. 

George Bickmore, Adult, by virtue of his owning the Cov'. 

Abigail Daughter of Benjamin Crane. 

John, son of Cap: John Billings Dorch: 

Calvin son of Samuel Toplifl"; Rachel Daughter of Ed- 
ward Adams Jun^ 

Rachel Daughter of David Coplan. 

Elijah son of Jonathan Chandler Dorch: ; Elisabeth 
Daughter of Edward Blake jun^ 

William son of William Blake. 

Benjamin son of George Badcock. 

Joseph son of Israel Hearsy. 

Jesse son of John Bent. 

Ebenezer son of Will'" Tucker. 

William son of Roger Sumner. 

Moses son of Edward Glover. 

Williani son of Joshua Andrews. 
Feb. 8, 1730. Mehittabel Daughter of Amos Wadland. 
March 15. Hannah Daughter of Simon Blake. 

April 26. Asa, son of Noah Damon ; Nathaniel son of John Gulli- 
ver ; Oliver son of Joseph Hunt. 

Abigail Daughter of Joseph Bent. 

Mary Daughter of Paul Davis. 

Samuel son of Robert Vose, 

Martha Daughter of Nath' Blake, 

Elisabeth Daughter of Tabitha Crane. 

Sarah Daughter of Sam' Davenport. 

Samuel son of David Vose. 

Lydia Daughter of Zechariah Alden. 

Recompense Wadsworth, son of John Stimpson. 

Maverick son of William Peirce Jun. 

Joel son of Peres Bradford ; Nathaniel son of Nath^ 
Houghton ; Mary Daughter of Elijah Vose. 

Rebeckah Daughter of Sam' Miller Jun''. 

Susannah Daughter of Peter Stone. Bost. 

Nathaniel son of John Glover. 

Elisabeth Daughter of Sam' Durant. 










h 9, 



ii 16 























































Mil(o)i Church Records. 29 

Jan. 24, 1130-1. William son of Timothy Crehoro Jun'. 
" 31. Elisabeth Daughter of Benj: Fenno J^ 

Eod. Samuel son of John Adams. 

Feb. 7. Stephen Badlam's Daughter Elisabeth. 

" 14. Elijah son of Ebenczer Iloughton. 

Mar. V^ Lemuel son of Jonathan Vosc. 

" 14. Mary Daughter of Caleb Ilearsy. 

Eod. Grace Daughter of Nath' Vose Juu^ 

April 4. John son of George Bickmore 

" 25. Amariah son of Benjamin Crane. 

May 2. Rebeckah Daughter of John Bent. 

" 16. Benjamin son of Beiij" Everenden. 

Eod. Abigail Daughter of Samuel Hayward. 

May 30. Katharine Daughter of Ephraim Tucker Jun'. 

June 6. Edmund son of John Billings ; Susannah Daughter 

of George Sumner Jun''. 
June 20. My son John. 

July 18. Ruth Daughter of Edward Adams Jun'. 

Aug. 1. Jacob son of William Blake. 

" 22. Hannah Daughter of Bliss Tolman ; Sarah Daughter 

of John Smith. 
Oct. 3. John son of George Badcock. 

" 10. Clement son of W" Sumner Jun"". 

" 31. Susannah Daughter of Moses Blake. 

Nov. 21. Joseph son of Elijah Vose. 

Dec. 26. Mary Daughter of Joshua Andrews. 

Jan. 9, 1131-2. Aaron son of Edward Blake Jun''; Rachel Daughter 

of John Adams. 
Jan. 30. Mary Daughter of William Peirce ; Elisabeth Daugh- 

ter of David Horton Jun''. 
Feb. 6. Ephraim son of Nehemiah Clap ; Jerom son of Sam- 

uel ToplifF ; Miriam Daughter of Moses Billings. 
Mary daughter of David Coplan. 
Abner son of Joseph Hunt; Stephen, son of John 

Jonathan son of Jonathan Vose. 
Elisha son of Paul Davis. 
Eunice Daughter of Joseph Bent. 
Thomas son of Benja: Everenden. 
"• 12, 1132. I baptized Peter White and Rachel his Wife (both of 
them above 10 years old and so infirm as not to be 
able to go to the House of God) in their own House, 
several Brethren of y'^ C^ being Present. 
June'25. Ebenezer son of M" Reform Kuowlton of Ipswich y® 

AVidow Prescott's Daugh"". 
July 16. My Daughter Ann. 

Aug' 27. Henry son of Edward Glover. 

Sept. 3. John son of John Daniel Jun'. 

" 11. Benjamin (sometimes call'd Dollocks) adult, 

Oct. 1. Eunice Daughter of Hezekiah Barber ; Rachel Daugh- 

ter of William Tucker. 
" 22. John son of Sam' Miller Jun' ; George son of Peres 

Bradford ; Mary Daughter of David Vose. 













30 Milton Church Records. 

Nov. -26. Stephen son of Ephraira Tucker Jun^ 

Dec. 24. Ebenezer son of John Trescott Jun^ 

" 31. Waitstill Daughter of Brimsmead Hunt. 

Jan. 21. Ziba son of Moses Blake. 

Feb. 18. Benjamin son of Samuel Davenport; Amariah son of 

Simon Blake ; Joseph son of Joseph Pain. 
" 25. William son of Robert Vose. 

March 4, 1732-3. Oliver son of Benja" Fenno Jun'' ; Experience 

Daughter of Bliss Tolman. 
March 10. William son of George Badcock. 

April 8. David son of David Horton Jun''. 

" 29. Prudence and Patience Twin Daughters of Nathaniel 

Vose Jun", 
June 3. Woodward son of Benjamin Tucker. 

" 10. Samuel son of Caleb Hearsy ; George son of George 

July 15. Thomas and Angelott, son and Daughter of Daniel 

and Joanna Stevens, by Virtue of Her OAvning the 
Gov', at Stoughton. 
" 22. Nathan son of Edward Adams Jun"" ; Zibiah Daughter 

of Paul Davis. 
Jemima Daughter of W™ Blake. 
Abigail Daughter of James Andrews. 
Caesar an adult serv' of Deac" Wadsworth. 
Samuel son of Maj"" John Billings. 
Sarah Daughter of Eben'' Houghton ; Samuel son of 

Samuel Hayward. 
Oliver son of Moses Billings. 
Elisabeth Daughter of Joshua Andrews. 
William son of William Smitli. 
William son of William Sumner ; John son of John 

Seth son of Jonathan Vose. 
My son Nathaniel. 

Abigail Daughter of Edw*^ Blake, Jun'^ ; Mary Daugh- 
ter of Elijah Vose. 
April 14, 1734. Rebeckah Daughter of B. Fenno Jun' ; Mary Daugh- 
ter of David Horton Jun^ 
Abigail Daughter of Joseph Hunt. 
Stephen, son of Benjamin Crane. 
Adam, son of Thomas Vose. 
TVIary Daughter of Sam" Andrews. 
Jonathan Son of Nehemiah Clap, 
John son of Joseph Pain. 
Hannah Daughter of David Coplan. 
David son of David Vose. 
Samuel son of Samuel Glover. 
Lydia Daughter of Moses Blake. 
Elisabeth Daughter of Thomas Cradock, 
Hezekiah son of Hezekiah Barber. 
Hannah Daughter of John Daniel Jun'. 
Oliver son of Nath^ Vose Jun"". 
Ann Daughter of Brinsmead Hunt. 























< < 
































Milton Church Records. 31 

James son of Robert Vosc. 

Hannah Daughter of Jonatlian Vose. 

Joseph son of Joseph Bent ; Prudence Daughter of 

John Bent. 
, My son William. 

Mehittabel Daughter of Sam' Miller Jun^ 

Ann Daughter of Edward Adams Jun' ; Abijah son 
of Ephraim Tucker Jun''. 

Anna Daughter of William Amos. 

Elizabeth Daughter of John Badcock, 

Seth son of Seth Sumner. 

Nathaniel son of Nath' Blake. 

Andrew son of John Adams. 

Ezekiel and Elisha Twin-sons of Simon Blake. 

Benjamin son of Sarah Badcock. 

Abner son of Caleb Ilersey, 

Mary Daughter of Anthony Gulliver, 

Hepsibah Daughter of Paul Davis. 

Sarah Daughter of John TrescotJun'. 

Manasseh son of W" Tucker. 

Zebadiah son of Thomas Vose. 
April 18, 1736. Elisabeth Daug'' of Sam' Davenport; Silas son of 
Ebenezer Houghton ; Ann Daughter of Elijah Vose. 

Ebenezer son of Hezekiah Barber. 

Ebenezer son of Elisabeth Horton. 

Susanah Daughter of Joseph Hunt ; Lydia Daughter 
of Seth Gulliver. 

Joseph son of Nathan' Shepard. 

Edmund son of David Horton, Jun'. 

Hannah Daughter of Jn*' Badcock. 

Ruth Daughter of Eben'' Sumner Jun^ 

Abijah son of Benjamin Crane ; William son of Ste- 
phen Davenport. 

Elizabeth Dudley — Adult. 

Elizabeth Daughter of Benja" Wadsworth. 

John son of Cap: John Crehore ; Ann, Daughter of 
Joseph Pain. 

Jabez son of Dudley Wade Swan. 

Ebenezer son of Edward Vose. 

Elisabeth Daughter of David Vose. 

Richard son of Cap: W"" Pierce. 

Joshua son of Samuel Glover ; Jane Daughter of 
Jonathan Vose. 
" 20. Pelatiah son of Edward Blake Jun''; Susannah Daugh- 

ter of John Bent; Elizabeth Daughter of Nath' 
Shepard ; Henry son of Henry Crane. 
1T37. Vering a son and Rebeckah a Daughter Twin Chil- 
dren of John Daniel Jun^ 
Feb. 27. Elizabeth Daughter of Robert Vose. 

April 17. Amariah a son and Ibbot a Daughter Twin Children 

of Moses Haden ; Anna Daughter of Moses Blake. 
* 24. Sarah Daughter of Ebenezer French. 





















1 1 


1 ( 














March 28. 

















' ^ 


















32 Milton Church Records. 

May 1. Nathaniel son of Nath' Vose Jun^ 

" 22. Abigail Daughter of John Adams. 

June 19. Paul son of Paul Davis. 

July 10. Ruth Daughter of Benja" Fenno Jun'. 

" 24. Daniel son of Ephraim Tucker. 

Sept. 4. Lois Daughter of Ilezekiah Barber; Bathsheba Daugh- 

ter of Simon Blake ; Ebenezer son of Ebenezer Bent. 
Oct. 9. Seth son of Edward Adams Juu''. 

" 23. Elisabeth Daughter of Thomas Vose. 

" 30. Rhoda Daughter of John Gulliver; Waitstill Daugh- 

ter of Jazaniah Tucker. 
Nov. 6. Ruth Daughter of Benja" Wadsworth ; Roger son of 

Seth Sumner. 
" 13. Waitstill Daughter of Anthony Gulliver; Sarah 

Daughter of Eben' Sumner Jun'. 
" 20. William son of Joseph Bent. 

Feb. 12. Ann Daughter of Caleb Hearsy. 

April 9, [1138] Levi son of David Horton Jun'. 
" 16. Waitstill Daughter of Jn° Trescott Jun"". 

" 30. Hepzibah Daughter of Edward Vose. 

May 14. Hannah Daughter of John Badcock. 

". 20. David son of David Coplan. 

June 25. Sarah Daughter of Stephen Badlam. 

July 9. Sarah, Hannah and John, Children of Hannah Callu- 

" 23. Daniel son of Brinsmead Hunt. 

Aug' 6. Thomas son of Ebenezer Houghton. 

Sep. 10. Ebenezer son of Ebenezer French. 

" IT. Lydia Daughter of William Smith. 

" 24. Joab son of Joseph Hunt ; Elizabeth Daughter of 

William Salmon. 
Dec. 3. Joseph son of Elijah Vose. 

Jan, 21. Sarah Daughter of Isaac Billing; Thomas son of Jona- 

than Vose ; Mary Daughter of Joseph Pain. 
Feb. 18. Mary Daughter of Nath. Shepard ; John son of Ben- 

jamin Wadsworth ; Theodora Daughter of Jos. Dyer. 
Mar. 4, 1738-9. Abigail Daughter of Robert Vose. 
" 11. Ebenezer a son of Mose Haden ab' 10 years old. 

" 18. Edward son of John Adams. 

April 8. Johnson of David Vose ; Hannah, Daughter of Ste- 

phen Davenport. 
" 15. Allice, Amaziah and Mary 3 Adult Children of M' 

Ebenezer Knight by Virtue of their own Cov'. 
Ebenezer, Ruth, Matthew, Sarah, Anna and Elisa- 
beth by Virtue of their Father's Gov'. 
May 6. Benjamin son of Samuel Henshaw ; Rachel, Daughter 

of Phillip White. 
" 13. Sarah Daughter of Eb'': Sumner Jun'. 

" 20. Mary Daughter of Christopher Flyng, 

" 27. William and Sarah Twin Children of Abijah Crane. 

June 3. Rachel Daughter of John Bent. 

" 17. William son of William Tucker. 














J any 




Milton Church Records. 33 

Samuel son of John Daniel. 
Lydia Daughter of Ephraim Tucker. 
Elizabeth Daughter of Jaazaniah Tucker ; Reuben 
son of Nath' Vose Jun^ 
5, 1739, Martha Daughter of Joseph Bent. 

Lydia Daughter of Ctesar Ferret an Indian. 
Patience and Grace Twin Daughters of Ilczekiah 

Barber ; Anna Daughter of Paul Davis. 
Seth son of Samuel Davenport. 
Rebeckah Daughter of James Blake. 
Stephen son of Edward Blake. 

William son of Benjamin Hortou ; Jerusha Daughter 
of Eb"": Wadsworth. 
" 10. Thomas son of Robert Vose. 

March 9, 1740. Joshua son of Ebenezer French; Samuel son of 
Ebenezer Bent. 
" 16. James son of Jeremiah Tucker. 

April 27. Abigail Daughter of Samuel Durant. 

May 4. Barnabas sou of David Horton Jun''. 

June 8. Abigail Daughter of Edward Vose. 

" 15. Deborah Daughter of Edward Adams Jun''; Susannah 

Daughter of W^'" Crouch. 
" 22. Elisabeth Daughter of Sam" Miller Esq^ ; Elisabeth 

Daughter of Isaac Billings ; Joseph son of Joseph 
Pay son. 
" 29. Elisabeth Daughter of Sam' Henshaw ; Peggy Daugh- 

ter of Elijah Vose. 
July 27. Jedidiah son of Ephraim Tucker. 

Aug' 17. Nathaniel son of Moses Billings. 

Oct. 26. Susanah Daugliter of Ebenezer Sumner Jun''. 

Nov' 23. William son of John Trescott Jun^ 

Dec. 14. Seth sou of John Adams ; Thankful Daughter of 

Brins'i Hunt. 
Jan. 4. Mary Daughter of Moses Blake. 

" 25. David son of David Wadsworth. 

Feb. 8. Mary Daughter of Jonathan Vose. 

" 15. Joseph son of Phillip White. 

" 22. Stephen son of David Vose; Daniel son of Thomas 

Vose ; Ruth Daughter of Benj" Ilorton. 
Mar. 22. John son of y* Widow Allice VVoodman born after 

his Father's Death. 
Moses son of David Coplan. 
Ebenezer son of Joseph Pain. 
Berry a Negro Man serv' to Sam' Miller Esq'. 
Mehottabel Wife of Ebenezer Ilorton ; Josiah son of 
Nathaniel Vose Jun'; Sarah Daughter of John 
Badcock ; Susannah Daughter of John Eels. 
Robin, Negro serv' of Sam' Miller Esq'. 
' Joseph son of John Marshall. 
Nathaniel son of John Daniel. 
Elizabeth Daughter of Ilezekiah Barber. 
Chloe Daughter of Robin sera' of S. Miller. 
Patience Daughter of Cesar Ferrit (an Indian). 















34 Milton Chui'ch Records. 

Sep. 13. Lydia Daughter of John Bent. 

Nov. 29. Abigail Daughter of Benj" Wadsworth. 

Dec' 27. Samuel son of Sam^ Keyes. 

Jan^ 3. Eunice Daughter of Isaac Doggett. 

" 26. Elisabeth Daughter of Tho" Swift. 

" 31. Nedabiah Daughter of Ebenezer Bent. 

Feb. 28. Susanah Daughter of Nathan Badcock. 

Mar. 7. Samuel son of Samuel Durant. 

" 14. Anna Daughter of Solomon Hearsy ; Mehittabel and 

Ebenezer Children of Ebenezer Horton ; Lemuel 
son of Sam' Davenport. 
" 21. Rufus son of Joseph Bent. 

April 4. Miriam and Rebeckah Twins of Joseph Hunt ; Han- 

nah Daughter of David Rawson ; Alexander son 
of John Loughead. 
" 11. Stephen son of Caleb Ilearsy. 

" 25. Enoch son of David Horton Jun'. 

May 16, 1742. Joshua son of Robert Vose ; Susanah Daughter of 

Edward Vose. 
July 4. Cornelius son of Anthony Gulliver, 

" 18. Thomas son of Thomas Cummins. 

" 25. Martha Daughter of John Marshall ; ThankfuU 

Daughter of Eben"" Horton. 
Aug. 15. Ruth Daughter of Isaac Billing ; Sarah Daughter of 

Jeremiah Tucker; Thomas son of John Eels. 
" 22. Mary Daughter of Moses Billing. 

" 29. Mary Daughter of Ebenezer Houghton ; Abijah son 

Abijah Crane ; Sue a Negro serv* of Sam' Tucker. 
Sep. 12. John Pitcher son of Ephraim Tucker ; Enos son of 

Simon Blake. 
" 26. Elisha son of Paul Davis ; Mary Daughter of John 

Marshal (from Ireland). 
Oct. 3. Thomas and Samuel Twins of Eben'' French. 

Nov'' 21. Elisabeth Daughter of Eben"" Wadsworth. 

Dec. 3. Ruth and Mary Daughters of Ruth Duset, by virtue 

of her owning y*^ Cov'. 
Jan. 2. Hannah Daughter of Nath' Shepard ; Rebeckah 

Daughter of Nath' Swift. 
" 16. William son of William Melius by virtue of the Pa- 

rents owning the Gov' at Scittuate. 
Feb. 10. Moses son of Elijah Jose. 

" 27. Isaac son of David Vose; Eliphalet son of John 

Adams ; Ebenezer son of John Daniel. 
Mar. 6. Sarah Daughter of Edward Blake. 

" 13. Jesse son of Jonathan Vose ; Jernsha Daughter of 

Thomas Harris. 
April 3. Peter son of Pliilip White. 

" 10. John son of John Badcock. 

[The following entry occurs on page 4 of the Record.'' We place it 
here for a chronological .purpose.] 

Deacon Manasseh Tucker (who was the last survivour of the first 
set of C" Members) died April 9"' 1743. And as all that Generation 

Milton Church Records. 35 

were gather'd to their Fathers, the Church pass'd a Vote April lY) 
that they would renew Gov' with God and one another, which they 
did accordingly April 24"' when the Members of the C Male and 
Female manifesting their Consent to their Fathers Cov' by standing up 
while I read It over with a small Variation as the Change of Circum- 
stances required. . j ^f ^ 

[John Taylor.] 
May 15. Obadiah son of Ebenezer Sumner. 

" 22. Elisha son of Samuel Keyes ; Ruhamah Daughter of 

Thomas Vose ; William son of Nathan Badcock. 
June 19. Lydia Daughter of David Horton Jun''; Nathaniel 

son of Benjamin Ilorton. 
Aug' Y. Joseph son of Ebenezer Scot. 

" 21. Mosessonof Moses Blake; David son of Cesar Ferrit. 

Sept. 11. Rachel Daughter of Nath^ Vose Jun". 

" 18. John son of John Cole ; James son of John Marshal ; 

Rhoda Daughter of Robin Negro Serv' of Sam' Mil- 
ler Esq\ 
" 25, Jerusha Daughter of Moses Billings. 

Oct. 16. Sarah Daughter of David Wadsworth ; Rufus son of 

James Boise. 
Nov. 20. Sarah Daughter of John Bent. 

Dec' 11. Nathaniel son of Henry Crane; Lydia Daughter of 

Seth Sumner; Eunice Daughter of David Rawson. 
Jan^ 15. Elisabeth Daughter of David Coplan. 

Feb. 5. Deliverance Daughter of Edward Adams ; Mary 

Daughter of Ebenezer Bent. 
" 12. Esther Daughter of Jaazaniah Tucker; Samuel son 

of Sam' Ilenshaw Jun''. 
March 18. John son of John McFadden by Virtue of his Wife's 
owning the Cov' at Dorchester. 
" 25. Abigail Daughter of Robert Field Jun"". 

April 22, 1744, Experience Daughter of Joseph Ilorton by Virtue of 
his Wife's owning the Gov'. 
'' 29. John son of John Eels. 

May 13. James son of Ilezekiah Barber ; Rebecca Arnold 

Daughter of Peter Daset. 
May 2Y. Daniel son of y*^ Widow Hannah Blake. 

June 3, Mary Daughter of John Daniel, 

" IT. Gershom son of Ephraim Tucker. 

" 24. Obadiah son of Ebenezer Sumner Jun^ 

July 8, Benjamin son of Robert Vose ; Nathaniel son of Solo- 

mon Hearsey. 
" 29. William son of Stephen Davenport ; Jane Daughter 

of Nathan Badcock. 
Aug' 5. Sarah Daughter of Sam' Davenport. 

" 12, Lemuel son of Josiah How. 

" 19. William son of John Cole ; Zacheus son of Ebenezer 

Sep. 30. Mary Daughter of Ebenezer French ; Hanah Daugh- 

ter of Thomas Harris. 
Nov. 4. Sarah Daughter of Wm. Crouch. 

36 Milton Church Records. 

Dec. 2. Jolin son of Samuel Keyes ; Lydia Daughter of John 

" 16. John sou of Abijah Crane. 

" 30, Benjamin son of Jeremiah Tucker ; Zibiah Daughter 

of Edward Vose ; Jonathan son of Joseph Horton. 
Jan. 13. Jane Daughter of William Tucker. 

" 27. Ann Daughter of John Adams I baptized this Child 

in Braintree meeting House. 
Feb. 11. Jerusha Daughter of Ebenezer Billings. N. B. I 

baptis'd this Child at M' Billings's House several 
Members of the Church being present the child not 
being like to live till the Sabbath. 
Feb. 24. Elijah son of Elijah Vose. 

Mar. 17. Stephen son of Stephen Badlam Jun^ 

" 24. Hannah Daughter of John Wadsworth. 

" 31. Ann Daughter of David Vose ; Robin son of Robin, 

Negro Servant to Sam' Miller. 
April 21. Mary Daughter of Benja" Gleason. 

May 26, 1745. Mary Daughter of Sam' Tucker Jun'. 
Sarah Daughter of Nath' Swift. 
Nathaniel son of Sam' Henshaw Jun'. 
James son of John Marshal of Milton. 
ThankfuU Daughter of Nath' Vose Jun', 
Peter son of Thomas Vose. 
Josiah son of John Marshal of Dorchester ; Hannah 

Daughter of Benjamin Horton. 
Moses son of Samuel Fenno. 
Hopestill son of Ebenezer Sumner Jun"" ; Sarah 

Daughter of David Rawson. 
Rachel Daughter of John Bent. 

Sarah Daughter of William Field (by Virtue of his 
Wife's being in Coiiiunion with the first Church in 
Hannah Daughter of William Cunningham. 
Ebenezer son of Jonathan Vose. 
Nathan son of Nathan Badcock. 

Ann Daughter of Deacon Benjamin Wadsworth. 
Thomas son of Samuel Glover ; Patience Daughter 
of Edward Adams. 
Eleanor Daughter of John Daniel. 
Eliphalet son of Philip White. 
William son of Thomas Cummins. 
Elijah son of Moses Billings. 
Sarah Daughter of Ebenezer Scott. 
Sarah Daughter of Caisar Ferrit. 
Ezra son of Stephen Badlam Jun'. 
Rhoda Daughter of Peter Duset. 
Thomas son of Thomas Harris. 
10. Moses son of Broth : Moses Emerson. 
James son of James Field. 

Joseph son of John Badcock ; John son of Ebenezer 
Aug' 31. John son of Ruth Haden 


































I 6. 






July 6. 
Fast Day 
July 13. 
" 20. 

Milton Church Records. 


Sep. 7. 

" 21. 

" 28. 
Nov' 9"^. 

" 30. 

Dec-^ T"*. 
Feb. 15. 

March 8. 1 
" 15. 
" 22. 

April 5. 

Fast Day. 
April 26. 

May 3-^ 









Oct. 18. 









< ( 




March 20, 





May 29. 
June 19. 







Josiah son of Josiah How. 

Eleanor Daughter of Bonj" Phillips. 

Enos son of Seth Sumner. 

Jerusha Daughter of Ebenezer Billing. 

James son of James Blake ; Judith Daughter of 

John Adams. 
Joseph son of Joseph Hunt. 

Mary Daughter of W" Cunningham ; Eunice Daugh- 
ter of John Vose ; Eli son of Thomas Vose. 
147. George son of Josiah Sumner. 
Nathan son of Edward Vose. 
Joseph son of David Coplan ; Dyer son of David 

Asa son of Ebenezer Horton ; Samuel son of Samuel 

9. Naomi Daughter of Joseph Horton. 

Lydia Daughter of Stephen Davenport; Nathaniel 

eon of Sam' Davenport Jun'' ; Jeremiah son of 

Robert Vose Jun^ 
Sarah Daughter of Nath' Shepard ; Hannah Daughter 

of Moses Blake. 
George son of Benjamin Horton. 
Sarah Daughter of Benja" Gleason ; John son of 

Ebenezer Swift ; John son of Caesar Ferrit. 
John son of John Beal ; Maiy Daughter of Jeremiah 

Tucker ; Enoch son of Nathan Badcock. 
Nathan son of David Horton Jun"" ; Josiah son of 

David Horton Jun' ; Patience Daughter of Sam' 

Sarah Daughter of David Vose ; Eliphal Daughter of 

Nath' Swift ; Susannah Daughter of Sam' Tucker. 
Sarah Daughter of Dea" Benjamin Wadsworth, 
Esther Daughter of Ebenezer French ; Jerusha 

Daughter of David Sumner. 
Mary Daughter of Ebenezer Scott. 
Joseph son of John Daniel. 
Elijah son of Enoch Horton. 
Melatiah Daughter of Elijah Vose ; Jemima Daughter 

of Jonathan Vose ; Mary Daughter of Henry Crane. 
1747-8. Amariah son of Ebenezer Tucker. 
Samuel son of Thomas Harris. 
Eunice Daughter of Moses Haden ; Benjamin son of 

Benjamin Phillips. 
LoisDaughter of Robin, Servantto Samuel Miller Esq'. 
Belcher Son of Nath' Vose Jun'; Stephen Son of 

John Badcock. 
My Daughter Dorothy; Uriah Son of Anthony 

Lemuel Son of Nathaniel Badcock. 
Joseph Son of James Field ; Deborah Daughter of 

Ebenezer Bent ; Eunice Daughter of Nath* Wads- 




Milton Church Records. 

Aug' v. Elizabeth Daughter of Abigail Doghead ; Ruth 

Daughter of Ebenezer Knight. 
Wilb'am Son of Seth Sumner. 
Abigail Daughter of Solomon Hearsay. 
John Son of Samuel Tucker. 
Charles Son of Lancelot Pierce. 
Elizabeth Daughter of Nathan Badcock. 
Lemuel Son of John Adams. 
Mary Daughter of Will'" Crouch. 
Hannah Daughter of Sam^ Keyes. 
Nathaniel Son of John Sherman. 
Rufus Son of John Vose. 
Jerusha Daughter of Robert Yose Jun''. 
Rebeckah Daughter of John Daniel. 
Rebeckah Daughter of David Rawson. 
Mary Daughter of Edward Vose ; Benjamin Son of 

Benjamin Horton ; Samuel Son of Ebenezer Swift. 
David Son of David Sumner ; Samuel Son of Samuel 

Joseph Son of Joseph Horton. 
Jotham Son of David Horton Jun'. 
My Son Edward Sherburne. 
Abigail Daughter of Isaac Billings. 
Andrew Kennedy and Francis More two adult Persons ; 

William Son of W'". Cunningham. 
Abigail Daughter of Samuel Da^'enport. 
Noah Son of John Bent ; Benjamin Son of Samuel Fenno. 
Isaac Son of Josiah How. 
Nathaniel Son of Ebenezer Scott ; John Son of Samuel 

Henshaw Jun''. 
Patience Daughter of Nathaniel Swift. 
Hephzibah Daught. of Enoch Horton. 

[Admissions to the Church.] 
. Israel Hearsy and Abigail his Wife were dismis'd and' 

recoinended to M"". Thacher and Webb's Church in 

. Preserved Lyon and Joanna his Wife were dismiss'd and 

recommended to the Church in Stoughton. 
. M'". Oxeubridge Thacher was dismiss'd and recofnended 

to Dr. Sewal's Chm-ch in Boston; M""'. EHzabeth 

Fuller and M''^ Hannah Holmes were dismiss'd and 

recomeuded to y^ Church in the South Precinct of 

Oct. 30, 1737. M''. Peres Bradford was dismissed and recoiiiended to • 

the Rev*^. M"". Turner's Church in Rehobeth. 
Sept. 10. M''^ Grace Dean was dismissed and recoiiiended to y^ 1" 

Church of Christ in Dedham. 
April 8, 1739. M'"'. Margaret Pellet (formerly Wadsworth) was dismiss'd 

and recomeuded to y*" Church of Christ in Canterbury. 
May 27, 1739. Hannah Sumner Wife of Deacon Sam' Sumner (lately 

of Taunton) was dismissed and recoiiiended to y* 2^ 

Ch. in Killingsley. 



















March 5. 





























March 23, 1735 


9, 1735 


8, 1737. 

Milton Church Records. 39 

Dec. 27, 1741. "William Rawson was dismiss'd and recoinendcd to the 
Church at Meudon. 

Nov'. 27, 1742. Jolin Holman was dismiss'd from the C''. of Milton to 
y'' 3*^ Church iu Bridgewater. [ Ponifret. 

Jan^. 30, 1742-3. John Daniel was dismissed to the first Church in 

Oct. 16, 1743. Samuel Wads worth (son of Deacon John Wadsworth 
deceased) was dismissed to the Church of Christ in 
Canterbiu-y ; Josiah Marshal dismiss'd to M"". Check- 
ley's Church in Boston. 

June 17, 1744. David Wadsworth and Hannah his Wife to the Church 
in Grafton ; Ebenezer Wadsworth to the C' in Grafton. 

Dec. 30, 1744. Elisabeth Apotliccary to y'' 1'' Ch. in 'Boston. 

Oct. 30, 1748. Stephen Badlam Juii'. and Hannah his AVife to the first 
Church in Stoughton. 

Aug*: 7, 1743. This Day (after Service) the Brethren of the Church 
brought in 4 votes each for the Nomination of Deacons. 
The 4 highest in 7 votes were Mess''. Nathaniel Hough- 
ton, Benjamin Wadsworth, Jaazaniah Tucker and 
William Tiicker. 

Aug*. 21, 1743. This Day the Brethren brought in 2 votes each for the 
Choice of 2 Deacons. The 2 highest were Mcs''. Na- 
thaniel Houghton and Benjamin "NVadsworth. 

Feb. 16, 1728-9. Benjamin Crehore, by a Vote of the Ch'". was dis- 
miss'd and recornended to the Coinunion of the Old 
North Church in Boston. 

Feb. 23. M"". Ebenezer Warren and his Wife dismiss'd to the 

Church at Stoughton. 

Aug. 24. The Rev'\ M'. John Wadsworth was dismiss'd and 

recoiriended to y*^ C''. of Canterbury. 

March 1, 1730- Samuel Wadsworth and Wife were dismiss'd and re- 
coiiiended to the Church of Stoughton. 

Oct. 6, 1734. Martha Greene was dismiss'd and recoiriended to the 
Church of Mendon. 

The Rev*^. M'. John Taylor after above 21 Years eminent Service in y*^ 
Ministerial Ofiice in y^ Town of Milton Died on y^ 26* Day of January, 

Blessed and forever happy are they w'^'^ die in y^ Lord, as well as those 
w*^"" die for y^ Lord. 

A Record of y* Baptisms administred by y^ Pastors of y® Neighbour- 
ing Churches, between y"" Death of y^ Rev*^. M'. Taylor and y^ Settlement 
of M"^. Robbins. 

Feb. 4, 1749-50. Nathan Son of Benjamin Phillips ; Josiah Son of 

Thomas Harriss. Dr. Chaimcy. 

Feb. 25. Rachel Daughter of David Copland. — JVIr. Dunbar. 

March 4. Rebekah Daughter of James Blake. — Mr. Bowman. 

" 11. George Son of Ebenezer Tucker; Prissn Daughter 

Robin servant of Samuel Miller Esq"". — Mr. Smith. 
" 25,1750. Lydia Daughter of Jeremiah Tucker ; Ebenezer French. 
— Mr. Bowman. 
May 6. Sarali Daughter of Brimsmead Hxmt ; Ann Daughter of 

Ebenezer Sumner ; John and Sarah Children of Jos° 
Marslial ; Mary Daughter of Ebenezer Billings ; 
George Son of George Badcock. — Mr. Dunbar. 

40 Milton Church Records. 

June 17. Joseph Son of Thomas Gumming; Keziah Daughter of 

Jonathan Vose. — Mr. Dunbar. 
July 29. Benjamm Wadsworth son of Benjamin Wadsworth ; 

Abigail Daughter of David Vose; Samuel Son of 

Samuel Tucker. — Dr. Chauncy. 
Sep' 9. Dorothy Daughter of John Daniel ; John Son of Eben- 

ezer Horton ; Samuel son of Nath^ Wadsworth. — 

Mr. Dunbar. 
Oct. 21. Mary Daughter of Stephen Davenport; Esther Daugh- 

ter of Seth Sumner; Lydia Daughter of Stephen 

Clap. — Mr. Dunliar. 
Dec''^ 2. * Mary Daughter of Phillip White ; Lydia Daughter of 

Nathaniel Badcock ; Elijah Son of Samuel Kiies. — 

Mr. Bowman. 
Jany 13, 1750-51. Belcher Son of Nathanael Vose Jun^— Mr. Dunbar. 

Nathanael Robbins ordained Pastor of the Church in Milton February 
y« 13"" 1750-51. 

Here follows a Record of y* Baptisms Administered by Him. 

Ruth Daughter of John Sherman. 

Sarah Daughter of Ebenezer Bent. 

Jeremiah Son of Jeremiah M'^intosh. 

David Son of Josejih Crane. 

Joseph and Benjamin Ch''^° of David Sumner. 

Elisabeth Daughter of Eb" Sumner ; Rufus Son of William 

Pierce ; Grace Daughter of Benjamin Crane Jun''. 
Enoch Son of Enoch Horton. 
Dorothy Daughter of Benjamin Horton. 
Jerusha Daughter of Ebenezer Horton Jun"". 
Samuel and Lemuel Sons of John Triskott. 
Amariah Son of John Vose. 
William Son of Edward Vose. 
" 29. Amariah Son of William Sumner. 
" " Mary Daughter of Nath" Swift. 
" " Rachel Daughter of Joseph Clap. 
Jan. 12. Joshua Son of Samuel Tucker Jun*". 
" " Jerusha Daughter of Solomon Hersey. 
" 19. Rufus Son of Samuel Davenport. 
ii u Miriam Daughter of Abijah Crane. 
" " Ruth Daughter of William Crouch. 
Jan. 26. Bill Son of Elijah Vose. 

" " Ebenezer Son of Ebenezer Swift. 
Mch. 15. Peter Son of Oxiubridge Thacher. 
" 22. Caleb Son of Seth Smith. 

" 29. Isaac Son of Ebenezer Night ; Abigail Daughter of Samuel 
Henshaw (?) ; Patience Daughter of David Vose. 
April 5. Sarah Daughter of John Adams ; Unice Daughter of Robbin 
— seru. 
" 1 2. Susannah Daughter of James Tucker ; Henry Son of Robert 
Vose Jun^ 
July 12. Samuel Son of Ebenezer French; Josiah Son of Nathan 
















Dec"' 15. 



Milton Church Records. 


July 2G. 

August 2. 

« 9. 
" 16. 





Jauuy. 14. 
AprU y^ 27. 
May y" 6. 
May y« 13. 
June y^lO. 
June y^ 17. 
July y« 29. 

August y® 12. 

Sep^ y'' 21. 

« " 23. 





Decern''*' 30. 

Daniel Son of Thomas Harris ; Elizabeth Daughter of John 

Daniel ; Mary Daughter of John Indicott ; Boston, KufFe 

and Floro Children of Floro, Negro Servant of M". Isaac 


William Sanford Son of Thomas Hutchinson; Rebekah 

Daughter of James How. 
Ezra Son of Ebenezer Sumner. 
Ann Daughter of Joseph Horton ; Ann Daughter of Nath" 

KufFee son of Floro A Negro blouging to Mr. Isaac Winslow. 
Stephen Son of Stephen Clap. 

Isaac son of Isaac Winslow ; Ebenezer son of John Adams. 
Hannah Daughter Ebenezer BiUiugs. 
Daughter of William Badcock. 
Son of George Badcock. 
Daughter of William Wood House. 
John son of John Coney. 
Nathaniel son of Ebz" Horton Jun*". 
Joseph son of Jeremiah Phillips. 
Rachel Daughter of Ebenezer Horton. 
Thomas son of Jonathan Yose. 
Mary Daughter of Solomon Hersey. 

John son of John Glover ; Stephen y" son of Enoch Horton. 
Elizabeth y® Daughter of Samuel Tucker Jun"". 
Samuel Kinsley y* son of Elijah Glouer. 
John y® son of Benjamin Horton. 
John y® son of John Badcock Jun"". 
Nehemiah y* son of Joseph Clap. 
Submit Daughter of Mary Badcock ; Rachel Daughter of 

John Adams Jun'. 
Jonathan son of William Sumner. 
[ ].son of Stephen Davenport ; Isaac son of Samuel 

Davenport. [ ] of John Triscott. 

Mary Daughter of John Adams. 

Anno Domini 1754. 

Jau^ 13. Elisha son of Edward Vose. 

" 20. Mai'y Daughter of Jeseniah Sumner. 

Feb'' 10. Mary Daughter of David Rawson. 
" 17. Abigail Daughter of Robert Vose Jmi'. ; Abigail Daughter 

of Joseph Crane ; Lydia Daughter of Ebenezer Swift. 
March 3. Samuel son of Ebenezer Sumner. 

" 10. Abigail Daughter of William AVood-House. 

" 31. Mary Daughter of Lanclot Pierce ; Benjamin son of An- 

drew Canedy.